Friday, July 25, 2014


Art is expensive. Right??
I really hate that idea. It's true, I have some work that is $3000.00+
But the lions share of my work is less than $1200!
Is that cheap? Well…..for some….yes…
For original artwork from a full time artist who has 10 years of showing…..NO.
Generally, my prices are a little lower than my peers! But that doesn't make it affordable to EVERYONE…and art NEEDS to be for everyone!
So that became a bit of mission for me!
My first solution was to create a $50 original piece of art.
"Bird Brain", 6" x 6", Acrylic and Mixed Media
STILL AVAILABLE!!! (and did I mention only $50.)
These 6" x 6" pieces are now a mainstay for me!
My next step to stay solvent and ward off a Starbucks day job was to create 2 sizes of prints….
16" x 20" giclèes for $75
and 8" x 10" giclèes for $35

Next inexpensive art idea I had was a $25 image transfer that is 2" x 3"! Like these:

And that should have been enough…….but then it wasn't…….
The final idea that I am excited to share is the lowest price item in my shop.
(imagine me saying that like Oprah!)

Right now I have 10 (yes TEN) postcards!
These are TEN different styled postcards 4" x 6" (standard postcard size) that are only $3. each!
COME ON!!!!!!!
Now you can send postcards to all you friends!
Or you can collect a few…..frame them up and have your first "starter" collection!
Why not start small?

Here is the 3"x 6….and I really love them!!!!!!!!
I think they work really well…….so far there are only 10….but I think they are super!

Redesigned for the new size and format……this was the front!
Then the back is also designed to compliment the front.
If you know me…..and I think you probably do by now… know that the design of things is paramount to me! I wanted these postcard to be completely authentic looking….for example….this is the back of the Flatiron postcard above:  

To check out ALL the postcards (both front and back) you can go to MY SITE….
And to buy them… can either see me on this Sunday (July 27th) in Kensington Market…
(see deets here!)
OR you  can buy them on ETSY and have them come right to your home!
So….there you go!
Now EVERY person can get in on my art!
You're welcome!

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