Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I know what you are thinking….
(Yes…you're yelling!)
The truth is….I DO NOT……..I have two more sleeps until The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition..
In the meantime… is the fastest top 5 things I want YOU to enjoy this Wonderful Wednesday this week…..

1.) This is neat……..I love Gerry Judah's has huge sculpture for the Goodwood Festival of Speed! IT is super cool:

Installed 26 meters above the historic Goodwood House, the work features two mercedes-benz racing cars speeding past each other in midair, connected though a 90 meter steel arch. NEATO!

Here is what Design Boom says:
"Designed to commemorate 80 years since the world famous racing team started competing in their distinctive silver colorway, the two cars span decades of automotive history. plummeting towards the ground, the 1934 mercedes-benz W25 won at its first outing at the notorious nürburgring nordschleife, with manfred von brauchitsch behind the wheel. in the opposite direction, the current formula 1 team’s F1 W04 is installed – the vehicle which led nico rosberg to wins at both silverstone and monte carlo."

I don't know about any of that….I just know it looks cool!!!
(thanks to Design Boom for this one!)

2.) Ok…you know I am OBSESSED with brunch…….and more specifically with pancakes…..well… I am curious about this……
Jim Beam Pancake Syrup…I doubt it is potent enough to give you a buzz…..but still…..
"It’s infused with just enough Beam to give it a mild whiskey flavour."
You decide!!!

3.) If you have ever take the TTC you will be interested with this. Instead of engaging with the human soup…….there are these:
Earin Wireless Earbuds!!!!! Here is the deal….

"Earin earbuds are two independent buds that are small and stealth because unlike bulkier buds they don’t have a microphone or a light or sensors. Instead they use unique, compact driver technology and feature a case that doubles as the recharging unit."
(see the video here if it doesn't load!)

4.) Ok musical lovers……there is THIS:

Am I right????
One of my favourite movies from the 80's……in musical form!
If you don't remember the movie….go back and give it a look…..
NOW IMAGINE IT WITH MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mean girls…..murder…….and music?? I'm IN!!!!

5.) Thanks to my nieces, I got a very enjoyable laugh this weekend……PICTURE THIS…..It's a world where there is NO Garfield in the Garfield comics, and as such, Jon Arbuckle turns to a life of depression and eventual insanity! I give you……"Garfield Minus Garfield":

SEE???? JON HAS LOST IT!!!!! Need further proof?

Please go to "Garfield Minus Garfield" for more!!
(and thanks Becca and Rachel!)

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