Monday, July 21, 2014


It's Monday, and I have a bunch of stuff I wanna share with you today!
Let's do it to it, y'all! (Sorry - sometimes I break into 70's disco slang, ya' jive turkey's!)

I was THRILLED to have a few pieces find great homes this week.
I always talk about the "right" person finding the "right" piece……(and I can feel some of you rolling your eyes in your head)….but it is totally true! Eventually almost every painting finds it's home!!
I paint things that I LOVE, and as many of you know, my work and my personality are pretty similar……a little off kilter…….so it takes a certain type of person to really like my art! So when they do it is an affirmation about my art….and honestly…...maybe about my personality!?
It means that when people really "don't get it" (and let's face it - it happens) it kinda still stings a little bit. In fact someone at the Toronto Outdoor Show this year said that right to me!!
"Are you the artist? Because I really don't get this!"
I went in to explain my process and such…..(thinking that it would illuminate her dimly lit mind)….
and after I had finished….she said….
"Um, ya, I get HOW you are doing it….but i just don't see why!"
Then I punched her in the face thanked her for her honesty, and told her that "I guess every art is not for every person"……thinking that was the most polite way of handling her… which she replied
"That's for sure!"
Just kidding ;-)
I told her that I really didn't "get" her personality……or her shoe choice…...
JUST KIDDING AGAIN….I wish I had, but I am just NOT that rude to strangers.
I am fortunate that the opposite side of this story is more frequent!

This weekend, one piece that I was happy to see leave my studio - to find its forever home was this one:

"Riverdale Farm",  36" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas
Yes…..many of you who are regular readers……remember this poster I did as charity work for a VERY WORTHY cause….Riverdale Farm Aid……which raised a BUNCH of money for the Farm!
To find out more about Riverdale farm see this post of my blog……but then…..I KNOW you have  already read it……right regular readers????
ANYWAY… I was happy it found a loving home!
Speaking of finding a home…….another piece that I hope finds a new home is this big boy……
"Outta this World" is a 40" x 60" Giclèe print of an original painting - BUT then I wasn't happy with the look so I spent another full day repainting on top! Now I love it….and I want you to love it too…….

I showed it at Kensington Market Art Fair 2 months ago……and I really want him to find a home.
HE IS HUGE…..and is therefore priced at $500 bucks (which is still pretty G.D. CHEAP!)
And he was a hit at K.M.A.F….so much so that I created smaller giclèes…..

As always this FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC piece is a limited edition number of professionally printed art pieces. It is printed on acid-free watercolour paper and then signed and numbered by me!
He comes in 2 different sizes… 8" x 10"is $35.00
and a 16" x 20" is $75 bones! I think this one will be a big seller - the 'bots tend to move pretty fast!!

COME OUT THIS WEEKEND and buy one of these new prints (or buy his bigger hand painted cousin) at:

Kensington Market Art Fair
Sunday, July 27th - 11am-6pm

You couldn't buy my reproduction works at The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, BUT you CAN buy some great stuff at this outdoor event as part of "Pedestrian Sundays" in historic Kensington Market! 

I REEEEEAALLY hope you can come out!!
And remember…if you make it out……and you "don't get" someone's art….it is TOTALLY okay….but don't be a D-bag and TELL THEM! They put their heart into it……
Not that you would. All my readers are WAY too sophisticated!!!
Have a great week friends!

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