Monday, November 2, 2015

FOX and the X-WING......for the OOAKX15

Hey guys!!!
It's  new week - and I know I have been a bit neglectful with my posts....
(Or at least you do - if you are a regular reader!)
I have been prepping for the One of a Kind Show!!!!
(that's the #OOAKX15 if you are a big hashtagger!)

What does that mean? It means I generally spend EVERY day in my studio from 8am-9pm.
My long suffering husband is calling himself an "art widow". And it is true. 
BUUUUT.....I have been getting boatloads of GREAT new work done.
I am working up a LOT of pieces that are $50-$275 - for the perfect holiday gift!
Here are a couple of the pieces I did last week........

"For Fox Sakes", 12" x 12", Acrylic on Board, $275.00
This guy is one of the many pieces that have a more 'traditional' painted look, but have my signature 'smart-assery'! Mr Fox looks better in person -- than he does in this photo.....

And then on the opposite side of the spectrum there is this piece:

"Space Out", Acrylic on Board, $275.00
The great thing about doing these smaller, affordable pieces is that I can do ANYTHING I want - as long as the imagery makes a clever word of phrase. I LOVE how much freedom this series  allows me!!!

So there. I will try to show you MORE this week.......truthfully I am a little hesitant - because I have pre-sold a number of pieces already...then again......NOT a bad problem to have!
See you in a few weeks!!!!!

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