Monday, October 29, 2012

.......OF NOTE....

Well, it's over.
My latest show "Sign of the Times" has opened and closed.
If you missed it, you can still see a few of the paintings (in the back) at Galley 129 Ossington.
Or you can swing by my studio to see the remaining pieces from the show!
Here are a couple of little media related things that I found over the corse of the last month:

1. This write up was sent to is advertising my "Town and Country" show.....

2. My artwork was published in an article about farming at the University of Guelph's Student Newspaper.......and was put on their online version as well. Weird.....but neat.
just the head of my artwork showed up on the website

3. This write up on "Dilettante's Diary" (an art blog) about my last show......which was a nice mention...

4. Finally......the biggest news.........I am being published in the next edition of "Spacing Magazine' (details to follow!!)

So there you go!

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