Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hey...let's just get right to it. FIVE things I LOVE this week!!!

1.) Hey Meatball. SO DEELISH!!!! If you are in Toronto, and looking for great balls. This is the place for you.

I had 'The Rodfather':
 and my hubby had the Mac and Balls:
DEEEEEELISH! Both of them!!!!
You must try it!!!
Check out the menu HERE!
My only suggestion though, if you enjoy a cocktail while your to go to the one at 91 Roncesvalles Ave., for a better atmosphere and BOOZE!

2.) Weapon instruments. Mexican artist pedro reyes has turnes weapons into instruments as a way to address the crime rates in his native country. This most recent project 'imagine' is a set of 50 musical instruments also fabricated out of a variety of firearms including revolvers, shot-guns, machine guns etc. The objects of musical destruction are on display as part of the 'adhocracy' exhibition, curated by joseph grima at the istanbul design biennial 2012. Check some of these out:

Check out more at Design Boom!!!!)

3.) POSH - AGAIN! I talked about this store last year.......having only seen the online store. READ ABOUT IT HERE....When I was in Chicago revently I FINALLY got to see the store in person. I LOVE IT! Here are some things I loved!!
Pay no attention to the strange woman in the photo.


Truer word have NEVER been spoken!!

Such great stuff for the house!

Dirty. But I love it!!!
4.) Mr. Waite IS SUPER TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love these neon movie posters! 

Check out a LOT more at his site
(thanks to Cindy via Dale via Twisted Sifter)

5.) I leave you with this funny trailer....first the original then the funny one: