Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Ween-y Wendnesday! (That's as in Halloween)
Ya I know I should have re-thought that title....but I am already blocked from the government why not?!?
Here's a special SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY list of 5 things I love this 'Ween!

1.) Marc Hagan-Guirey's "Horrorgami"!! These spooky papercraft works are each cut from a single sheet of paper! As you can see, each construction represents an iconic location taken from a cult horror movie, with subjects including The Overlook Hotel from The Shining, and 112 Ocean Avenue from The Amityville Horror. Each piece comes in a high quality display case and back lit light box.

"Horrorgami" will be showing at Gallery One And A Half in Hackney, London. The exhibition runs for 2 weeks from 1 November.

(thanks to My Modern Metropolis for this one)

2.) Sunday bloody Sunday! I can't get enough of "The Walking Dead" on Sundays on AMC. Yes, it is SUUUUUUUPER GORY......but it is on the edge of your chair exciting!!!! You must tune in!!

3.) These are amazingly cute...and spooky(ish)! I did these 'monster cupcakes' with my friend Christina last year!!! They were also deelish!!

4.) 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Did you catch it??? Yes, it was JHKLDGSHLJKDSGKJHDSG but the visuals were impressive. I mean COME ON!!!!! I will watch ANYTHING that Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies) creates!! ANYTHING!!!!!! 

5. Finally I give you my favourite Halloween costume of the year! Very clever!!!!

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