Friday, October 26, 2012

SIGNS FROM CHICAGO part of my 8 part vacation re-cap from Chicago......
Ya...i know CRAZY to have 8 parts.....but there was sooooooo much to talk about.........
....and I KNOW you want to hear it ALL!!!!
This post is about the most interesting signs I saw in beautiful Chicago!
Enjoy!! (remember to click on them to enbiggen the pictures)
Starting with the obvious!!!!
COME ON!!!!!
ZZ TOP was playing
(BTW it is not pronounced 'ZA' Top......)
My friend told the locals that we call them Zed Zed Top in Canada!

Although maybe not culturally sensitive??
But not as culturally insensitive as this one!!!
Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with 'hot asian buns'???

The Wit Hotel (where we stayed) had a cool sign that made a neat  shadow!

The Redhead Bar!
A giant BBQ!!

I LOVE this huge BBQ!!!! Imagine the steaks you could do on this bad-boy!

Beer to the moon!!!

Rosebud.....Not Citizen Kane related....

Made of little lego men........LOVE IT! 
Fancy McDonalds for fancy people!

LOVE the sign...and love that it points to margaritas.....

I LOVE this clock.....not exactly a sign.....but SUPER!!!

SO good!!!
But is it a whale or tuna????
And what does that have to do with pizza? 

Nothing like an arrow!
Had trouble following this sign....

Not exactly a sign....but neat - no??

Love this sign!

This is where it ends!
But isn't it always!!??

There you go!
Some great signs from Chicago!
Hope you enjoyed them!

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