Friday, February 14, 2014


Hey guys!
Well…….we are getting closer and closer to the big deadline!!!
Next week at this time……The Artist Project will be open.
(If you have no idea what that is, see THIS POST!)
That means things are coming to an end in my production of work for the big show this year!
As you may have figured out, I am trying to make work that is not COMPLETELY Toronto specific.
Up to now, I have focussed locally…..but THIS is my year for expanding my empire!
First step….paint things out of Toronto!
Like this one…….
You can read all about this one of NYC in THIS POST!! 
….and this is my latest painting……and a bit of the process for it:

Normally with a painting  - one starts with the background - but I was worried that I would  have troubles with the people… I started with them!

Then I started laying in all the other elements - and colour correcting the things that needed it.
Then…BAM…I was done…..
Ok…maybe it wasn't that easy……but……here is the final product:

"All That Glitters", 36" x 48", acrylic on canvas
This one I really love!!!
It is HUUUUGE…and has a real presence to it!
I also like the wording on it!
What do you think?
Wait till you see it in person at TAP this year!
--It will knock your socks off!
Any comments???

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