Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hey folks…….you know how this post works….each Wednesday I post an image of FIVE things that I LOVE…….

1.) I LOVE a good success story. As I wait patiently for mine (hee hee) I can't help but be THRILLED for Dave LeBlanc! You may know him from his columns at The Globe and Mail…..but his new project…..I REALLY FREAKING LOVE!!! "Where Cool Came From" is a super great web series that explores the nature of the "cool things" we know and love! Well….maybe not ALL of us….but if you like my work…'re gonna LOVE:

Seriously… is so enjoyable!!!!! Don't believe me???? Check out this:

Where Cool Came From Video Preview from Where Cool Came From on Vimeo.

(or try this link)
Way to go Dave!!!!! I LOVE this web series!!!
You can give "Where Cool Came From" some love on Facebook too!

2.) THANKS CINDY FOR SENDING ME THIS ONE (She gets her knickers in a knot if I forget to thank her!) This is fantastic!!!! Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and singer Miche Braden bring you the most FANTASTIC remake of classic Guns N’ Roses!

3.) She Plays Hockey. Ok…I know what you are thinking……Normally I am NOT a sports person….let alone the hockey……BUT….in the spirit of Woman's empowerment……..I give you THIS:

She Plays Hockey is a website dedicated to providing products to girls and women who play hockey. The female game is growing every year and we have decided to say it loud and clear, whether you are a daughter, mother, sister or grandmother who plays or you’re a doctor, teacher, banker or stay-at-home mom – SHE PLAYS HOCKEY! And remember, you are never too old or inexperienced to start playing the game of hockey
SHE SHOOTS SHE SCORES!!!!! (Am I saying that right??)

4.) I really enjoyed this work at TAP this year! Daniel St-Amant's work at first glance is very attractive wildlife studies…..truthfully that is not normally the kind of work that really gets to me….BUT there are so many great things happening in these paintings!!!

I don't wanna ruin this for you…..but you should GO TO HIS WEBSITE and see how he creates these works. It is super cool……..yes…they are painted very well - but I love the flip of the middle finger to big oil…………(the phone number for an offending company is on each piece!!!!)

Here's his artist statement:

In an era of mass consumption, poverty, pollution and war, it's difficult to avoid being alarmed by the abundance of negativity and hopelessness that surrounds us.
My work explores some of these issues, specifically our destruction and exploitation of the natural environment. As our population grows, so does our consumption as a species with increasing pressure to meet quotas and profits. Humans are driving deeper and deeper into the wilderness. My latest paintings discuss this pressure we are putting on the natural environment and the adaptation that the animal kingdom is forced to undergo.
Using modern surfaces such as major road ways to emphasize our global footprint, I have managed to capture the density within our city life. Laying my canvas on the road I capture physical traces of climate affecting technologies “tire tracks” to which I use as a landscape for my animal compositions.

You can also follow him on the Twitter…and on the Facebook!

5.) This is for my crazy cat ladies……you're welcome Cindy….see all these cats…….then hit the link and see 19 more……...

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