Friday, February 6, 2015


Hi! It's me AGAIN! I know....twice in one week.......
Today I want to show you 2 more pieces that are ready for The Artist Project....and I also wanted to share all the deets about T.A.P......and then there is this small explanation.....

So, I am working at a feverish pace, which unfortunately is not the pace I WISH I could paint at.
The "trouble" with my work is that it is concept driven. Each piece is COMPLETELY different from its brothers and sisters. I know, for the most part - the amount of work that goes into each piece remains unseen to the viewers who think my work is "cute" (which, YES is still a compliment). The thoughtful nature of my paintings is often looked past because they are fun. It is that same FUN that also makes my art seen as "less serious" by a bunch of my peers and by the traditional art collector. And to be honest, I don't really give a tiny rat's ass about that! However, I wish I could explain to these people how each piece requires hours and hours of planning!

Unfortunately, I am just not interested in painting a scenic vista of mountains, the stillness of a river through the forest, or the energetic paint patterns of an abstract piece. These are all equally beautiful, and I admire my peers who are passionate about these things, but it is just not my style! I also do not have any "shortcuts" to fast production......there are no stencils or spray paint or photographic transfers that could help facilitate a faster execution of a number of pieces at once! Truthfully, I have been looking for years to find an easier way to do a LOT of pieces for that I could price things lower......alas.....I can't seem to find it! Thankfully now I have a whole line of easily affordable merch!

So, I "plod along".....thinking and reflecting and planning and designing and REdesigning -- THEN painting! The result is work that I am very proud of, and that makes me these CUTE new pieces that are freshly done........

"Whole New Ballgame", Acrylic on Wood, 12" x 12".
You know how I am a big sports nut? OH YES! I love the sports.
(Okay.....maybe not......but I DO love a good idiom!)

"Research" Acrylic on metal and wood, 20" x 16".
This guy has been sitting on my easel for MONTHS.....finally finished, come see this super fun new piece - it looks SOOOOO much better in person......
COME OUT and see it at The Artist Project 2015:

"From seasoned collectors and first-time art buyers, to gallery dealers and interior designers, visitors can explore and discover works of art from over 250 top contemporary artists from Canada and abroad. This is a unique opportunity to meet and buy art directly from artists at Toronto’s most celebrated contemporary art fair."

My booth is #502:

Also....there is this video..... that is it for today! Thanks for reading.....and remember I LOVE your comments and imput!!!!! Have a great weekend y'all!!!

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