Monday, February 16, 2015


Hiya friends! HAPPY FAMILY DAY!!!!!!
So, ever since I have gotten back, I have had non-stop requests for a Value Village blog post!
For those of you who have never read one of these posts.......buckle up!
I go to second hand stores and antique markets and I handpick items that you, my loyal readers, may find irresistible.......and list all the MUST BUYS.....YOU'RE WELCOME!

Let's begin with some fun and games.......
Yes, good for all ages "Pass-out" will both entertain, and teach your child important life lessons.
Roll a 6 for someone to hold your hair on a 'blackout card' for a hilarious story about how you remember a key skill from your youth, and insist on demonstrating it. 
Ah yes, the FUN game of child abuse....originally titled "you wouldn't like Daddy when he is angry".
By all means, let's illustrate a mother's sole purpose in life....QUIETLY getting food ready for her sleeping husband.

"Aggravation", from the company that brought you "Provocation" and "Irritation"

There is nothing about this I understand......and I dislike the use of the words 'inky-dinky'

Who doesn't like a game of "Sleeping Queens"?
Wait....I'm thinking of "Sleeping with Queens".....
(a game best played after a drag-out game of Pass-Out OR Aggravation!!)

Really? We need a game for this?
I just call that hockey.

1) calming music cd
2) small snack
3) vodka
4) earplugs
What am I missing?? I could not open it!
I love a good pun.......
this isn't it.

All the electronic kitchen helpers.....
...including a battery powered nutcracker??

I wonder if he regrets this.....
(see comment above)
Right from nippers to chippers.
(Sorry Charo - but it's just TMI for me!) 
For sale, one slightly used human sized bear.
Perfect for single gals, or smuggling 80 KG of herione!

Okay ladies, how many times have you struggled sewing in the dark?
Well, thanks to Ron Popeil, you will suffer no longer!
 OKAY.....its time for a game of which original art is the are the contenders......
Dogs with their tongues wagging, playing poker.

More dogs with their tongues wagging, playing poker. 

STILL MORE.....though they aren't playing poker....
 FUN GAME, right?
OKAY - here's another......
WHICH wearable item did I buy.......
This somewhat incomplete Unicorn accessory set.
I believe it is usually sold with a complete lack of self esteem. looks like approval from Daddy comes separately.
Insert lascivious piano joke here.
"When he gets upright, I feel grand...."
From the house of Jimmy Buffet Couture.
THIS STUNNING example of american timepiece craftsmanship was IN THE LOCKED CASE!!!!

This wig.....which was hung on the rack labelled "winter hats".
If you guessed that I bought ALL these are spot on!

Now I would like to show you some of the 20 or so PACKS of trading cards that were available......
Now, admittedly, I may just be jealous that I do not have the face for a trading card......but.....
We could a play a game of Date, F**k, Kill, Trade......

Brad Paisley.....

Maxx '95....

Andy.......the crew chief.
...and then there's this:
Is this a drunken confrontation, a new TLC show, or what happened when I last played "Pass-out"?
You tell ME!
**Hint - either way it is HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Now to the "collectibles" aisle......
The 3 horned friar is watching and judging!

Cher on a bender is watching, judging and turning back time. 

Insert big COCK joke here.

....and right after a delightful swing, Rocky used the rope to strangle a squirrel for his nuts.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY.......what is it??
and why does she have skin like a bag of microwave popcorn?
Maybe it's just measles......I hear they are going around..... haven't heard about not vaccinating your children? Maybe they should mention it  MORE!???
Finally I leave you with this, I promise you, I DID NOT SET IT UP..........
I give you "The Evolution of Woman"........

Seems about right though, huh Ladies? All the ages are defined here......
Baby- toddler - teenager- young woman in 20's - 90 year old - squirrel.
Thanks for reading today, guys!
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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