Monday, February 23, 2015


Good Morning!
Well, it's over.....The The Artist Project is now done!
 was 4 glorious days of art schlocking and hocking!

A huge art fair with 250ish artists.....

If you are wondering whether I won the competition....(read this post about my LONG losing history) the answer is NOPE! Don't worry, I am fine with it! :-)
Here is some of the other work:

I'm not gonna lie to you, it was challenging weekend for me.
Honestly, my person headspace is still kinda cloudy due to London-gate which makes being "on" for the weekend a LOT of work! BUT the thing is, you are there to SELL your work (and yourself) and if you can't do that, then you will have spent a lot of $$ just to sit around an art show all weekend. So I put on my best face, and worked the crowd for 4 days. YAY ME! ;-)
Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side this weekend, so the attendance felt a bit weak.
It is the chance you ALWAYS take with a show!
But the pressure of this show is a bit different. You see, it costs me about $4000 to do the show, and so to make back a profit can be a tall order!
I am fortunate, it has been a good show for many years, and although I did make enough to cover the booth's just not enough.
The thing is, if I don't make enough $$ to also cover all the supplies and hours of painting that go into the show, then it just isn't worth it for me.
THAT is the reality of being a full-time artist!
To me,  the "experience" and the "exposure" mean very little if it is not profitable - or if it doesn't have some leads. It may sound anti-art but.....

I make art - because I love it --- I sell art because it is my PROFESSION.

I am SUPER grateful for my clients that made it out this weekend......your consistent enjoyment of my work make me SO DARN HAPPY!!!!!
I am also grateful that I had such wonderful neighbours! Especially:
GREAT people that made the days go a LOT faster!
Go and check out their art!!!!

SO.....after 8 years, I have decided that I am going to take a year off from TAP and see what else I can get cooking. I have some'll have to wait and see!

I am also working on a plan right now for the next few months of shows, and I hope to share my schedule of shows with you SOON!

I'll have another post for you on Friday! Have a great week....and thanks for taking the time read this today!

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