Tuesday, February 3, 2015



So.....after 3 months of being away in London, I am officially back home! 


It’s been a long & very sad few months. The sudden loss of my Dad, having my Mom go to a long-term care home, and now the selling of my childhood home really knocked me on my ass! Truthfully, I really had no concept of what grief and sadness was before it beat me over the head! I know, it sounds really naïve – or maybe just selfish, but it’s true. I guess I have been lucky to have not felt this kind of LOSS sooner!

Now that I’m back in Toronto, I assumed I would immediately pick up everything where I left off……you know, as the same upbeat, sarcastic, colourful, bow-tie wearing clown I was when I left! But honestly, right now it’s a challenge to be that guy. I figured I would just fake it until I felt better, and nobody would even notice. But the funny thing is, the last thing we want the world to see is almost the first thing to show.


That is why I share all this with you dear friends and followers! This post is both therapy for me, and hopefully illuminating for you. I am gonna use ”the power of gratitude to heal and enhance my life”. (Sounds like I found the title for my new book - in paperback - coming soon!) And I want you to do the same!!!

So, here I am……diving back in – faking a great attitude, and working on finding good things in each day. Step one is trying to be grateful for the things I have, and trying NOT to dwell on all the things that I have lost (because, in the words of Maya Angelou “loss sucks ass”)! I know they say that “grief is the price we pay for love”….but that doesn’t make it feel any less crap-tastic.

So, in the spirit of up-beated-ness, (um, yes, that is a word) here is what I am most grateful for (perhaps your own grateful list?):

1.)        My long-suffering hubby (who deserves an award for his patience and kindness)…..my dear friends, my nieces/nephews and in-laws, and my amazing sister (who I admire greatly, and who has made the last 3 months a lot less terrible! Her strength and humour has helped keep me together in the toughest times!)

2.)        My home. My life in Toronto. Everything I have built for myself in 20 (ish) years as an adult. I am grateful for my bed, my new bathtub, and my backyard. (The “old Triple B” – Bed, bath and Beyond.)

3.)        The memories of my parents. KNOWING that they live on in me…that I have my Dad’s wicked sense of humour, and my Mom’s remarkable type-A behavior. Once the sadness of being an orphan clears away, I know I will cherish all the fun times we shared as a family.

4.)        My talent. I’m an artist. I always have been, and I am grateful for that talent. Even in the darkest days, I still have ideas and inspirations that I hope will grow to fruition.

FINALLY…..there’s  this…….

5.)        My career. I still LOVE my work! I am proud of the business I have built over the last 10 years. Honestly, this year is already off to a REMARKABLE start! 
            I have six – yes, I said SIX commissions lined up. 
            There is The Artist Project this month:

And in addition to the shows I have planned, there are a couple of secret NEW projects that I am excited about. (Stay tuned for more about that!) 

I also have a great alliance with The Spacing Store in Toronto:

They have been a miracle in the last few months! I’m grateful for them selling my prints and merch like CRAZY! Click on the link to see the store!

So there you go. A deeply personal, and honest post about my journey back to happiness - through gratitude! (Hey…maybe that is a better book title??) I want you to count YOUR blessings today…..it feels pretty good!

And…..as proof of my hard work this week…….I leave you with an up-beat and brand new piece…..

"A Stitch in Time Saves Nine", 12" x 12", Acrylic on Board.
Cute right? Stay tuned for more EXCITING new pieces soon! The Artist Project is only a few weeks away! (YIKES!)

And oh ya......the last thing I am grateful for.......YOU GUYS! 
Thanks for reading.....you're the best!!

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