Monday, December 20, 2010


As the cold weather hits, I wanted to think of something warm to post about.
Here are some great reference shots I took in California last year!
Whenever I go on vacation, I spend one day taking photos, and one night.
It is something I have done for the last 5 years.
It helps when i go to paint something new to have LOTS of reference to pull from.
The photos I take are usually not the same pictures you find in postcards.
I like the unusual and the off-beat.
They make better paintings!
A couple of these have become paintings.....and a few of these WILL become paintings.

I like this one a lot. I fee like that sign should say no LOITERING....

The Roosevelt. A GORGEOUS Hollywood landmark!

This is made up of 3 photographs I is gonna look great  as a painting!

Love this one....
This is just FUNNY!!!

I always gravitate towards construction!

But I still like it!

I like the Bowl sign - I might need to do some re-jiggering of this to make a good composition,

Norman Bates.

LOVE IT! The car that has just buzzed by me!

This is actually a painting already! Check it out HERE!

Love the neon in this one.

This one just looks dirty and gritty - I like it a lot!!

LOVE this sign. Need to work on the composition!

Downtown Hollywood......NAH....just kidding (it is the 'War of the World's set at Universal Studios)
Well.....which is your favourite photo?
Which should I work on next??

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