Friday, December 31, 2010


Living here in Canada is cold sometimes.
Although last winter was unseasonably warm and snow free.
I do not find the winter too inspiring.
In fact, I have painted winter scenes only a few times in my career.
(although when I began this blog - I forgot all about 3 of my winter works)
Ok, so here are those pictures:
This piece is AVAILABLE. It is a 30" x 40", and is painted on board.


Sold and cold.

One of my tin toys paintings. Long since sold!

One of my first landscapes! This sold pretty fast too!

I have also assembled for you, frozen readers, a few reference photos that I have taken during some of the snowier days up here.
Enjoy these in front of a warm fire with a hot cup of coco! (or Baileys)
See...this one made into a painting.

Frozen trees. Try clicking on this to enlarge it.

I made this into a painting as well (or one taken the same day)

Ice flow at Harbourfront...

At Harbourfront - I painted this one too!


Ah, skating. NO THANK YOU.

Pretty. Pretty ^%&ing cold!

Snow on Queen St. in Toronto.



Both spooky and freezing!!

Happy winter!!!
Talk AT you next year!

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