Friday, December 3, 2010


I've got to boogy......
Sorry about that "Pricilla" moment.
As y'all know, I have a whole series of paintings devoted to city life.
Here is my art-speaky artist statement:
Both globally and locally, our world is changing around us. My Urban Landscape paintings are about the challenges of urban living. I address both environmental and urban issues. I believe it is important that we recognize the implications of our actions on the planet.  I am also beginning to understand the importance of capturing the changing landscapes – so that my paintings serve as a sort of visual catalogue of the past. 
     My work appropriates old quotes and re-invents the context to draw attention to these current issues. I mimic advertising iconography from pre-1950 to establish a ‘vintage’ visual look in my paintings. The unapologetically happy style enables my work to remain accessible, and helps diminish the political sting. I hope that my work entertains but also challenges people to re-assess their opinions about our values, our traditions and how we treat our environment. 
Or another way of saying it is....Blah-bity blah-bity blah blah blah.
My Urban Series has a lot of night scenes. 
I think that the night is the perfect time to capture the energy and excitement of the city.
I go out once a month to get reference around Toronto.
Also, every vacation I take, I make sure I spend one night getting reference photos.
To date, have well over 1000 photos of nightlife, in different cities.
Here are a few photos that as of yet are not paintings.....but WILL be someday.....
Toronto.....I like the bus speeding in this one!

Toronto again. Any excuse for colour in a night scene!

Spooky, huh?

Las sunset...LET'S GO!!!

Obviously Hollywood!

I will need to photoshop this one up a bit....but I like it.

Love the movement in a night scene!!

This is blurry....but my version won't be.

Oh Cleveland, how dangerous lovely by night.

Cleveland: city of muggings bridges

I LOVE this one!!

I will need to colour correct this in photoshop!

Blurry, but great reference!

Times Square

Hollywood touristy

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