Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hey everybody, I am just gonna come out and say it.......Christmas is almost here!
I know you might be thinking.....BAH HUMBUG....
In my house, I just love the holidays and I LOVE putting up a Christmas tree.
I go a bit over the top with the tree decoration.
My husband tells me that ehe doesnt want to like the tree decorations each year, becasue in a few years I get bored of the colour scheme, and change it.
But in the meantime, the tree is rather lovely in purple and peacock.
I know it is not a traditional scheme for the holiday season, but I am really NOT a traditional kind of guy. Here are some photos of the tree, and then some of my "purple" work.
LED lights......they only burn your retina for a moment.

Peacock and purple balls (insert inappropriate purple balls joke here)

This tree topper sponsored by the Las Vegas Showgirl Union. 

Look at this peacock with the glittery body. LOVE IT!

The presents P.O.V.

This work, "Faithless" is full of purple, and is sold. It is taken from a photo I took from the parking lot at the
Olive Garden in Buffalo, NY.

Purple and super well together! This piece is also sold.
Not a lot of purple....but a tiny bit.
This painting was featured in the Toronto International Art Fair Catalogue
And it is available!!

Purple skies seem to sell. Who knew??
This is some faux finish work I did at a client's house. I call it the Scooby Doo room.

What I realize now, is that I use very little purple. 
So the next painting I do will have a lot of purple in it! 
Mark my words!
Go on.....mark them!

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