Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello friends.
I have gotten lots of feedback from y'all when I post the in-progress shots of my work.
So....let's get right to it!
And so this is the painting from start to took about 3 weeks.
Now, obviously there are some times that I forgot to take photos and it looks like it suddenly made a big leap forward.......but I tried to get most of the process recorded....enjoy!

I tried out about 3 other backgrounds, but this Jacquard pattern was actually very popular in the 40s/50's.
Good design NEVER goes out of style!

I painted these 3 paper elements. I had to take a day to design each element first - as they were not in my original drawing. (and I had to google a lot to design them....aka twitter....)

I kept adding elements. (As you will soon see, I repainted the 'world spaceport' 3 times!)
I started to draw in the poster.

Base-coating the colour blocks in the poster 

BAM. done the poster....with all the folds....AND the 2nd repaint of 'world spaceport'

I added the girl. You can see where I wood-filled the staple holes
(I will put a separate blog about her progress)

Finished the lady and her gun!
Added the Dymo-label letters,  some graphics and the top left notebook paper.
 Painted on (and applied) the coaster in the top right. (And world spaceport revision #3)
Finished painting and stapled on the robot.
Repaint out the graphics and begin the rest of the 3-D elements.

Finishing details, washes and such.

FINAL - adding the robot metal pieces.
So that was the journey from top to bottom - from beginning to completion.
I love her.
I will post ONE more post about her later....I want to show a little in-progress of how I painted her.
And a few other bits and bobs.
Is there anything you want to know about this piece?
A burning question?
I LOVE QUESTIONS (and comments too!)
Remember to check out this painting in March at The Artist Project.

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