Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok. So I sort of think that creating art, is much like having children.
Each painting, like each child, is different and has it's own set of problems and blessings.
And like every parent, I like to claim that I love all my paintings equally.
That, dear friends, is a bold-faced lie.
Just like a parent, there are some paintings I am especially proud of, and then there are some I am totally ashamed of. Ok ashamed is over selling it...but there are some paintings that succeed, and others that are much less successful. And that is ok.
So, like a bad (or honest - whichever is less offensive) parent, I would like to share my top 10 successful paintings of 2010. It is a lot of pressure to put on the upcoming paintings of 2011......but that is a parents job isn't it? To pressure your child to be better than the last??
Perhaps it is good that I don't have kids! ;-)
Ok, so here we go....I am gonna start with #10.

TEN: "Spring Chicken" Acrylic and mixed media on board. 16" x 20". SOLD
        I built this whole thing around the name. Which is a first even for me! The chicken        
        (painted on metal) on the right is attached to the painting by springs......GET IT?? 
        I love the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, so they were fun to paint. I also like the guy punching 
        the other guy in the background. And of course the quote is killer!! 

 NINE: "Time Rocket" Acrylic on metal and board. 30" x 40". AVAILABLE!
          I love to paint the streetcar. For Torontonians it is a quintessential image for the city. I 
          liked the overall feeling of this painting. When I took the reference photos, it was a warm 
          rain-stormy night. I used a lot of the warm colours. But tried to balance them with purples 
          and teals. I also like the retro side - it looks better in person......and is has a nice shine!

EIGHT: "Cut the Crop" Acrylic and mixed media on board. 30" x 40". AVAILABLE.

           I like this one for it's environmental message. I also like this one because it is my 
           Grandfather's barn (which has seen better days!) I did a demonstration of painting this at 
           The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I had it originally planned as 'harvest the crops' but 
           then I rethought it whilst painting it! Clever, no? I love the colour palette of the rotting 
           barn boards. READ MORE ABOUT MY GRANDPA'S FARM HERE!

SEVEN: "Two Wrongs" Acrylic and mixed media on board. 16" x 20". SOLD
           I like the colours on this one too. It has very bold colours, but still doesn't overwhelm the 
           senses (because of the white) And the quote is fantastic!! I REALLLLY got into riveting on 
           this painting. I also liked using the scrabble tiles and circuitry.

SIX: "Scarlet Women" Acrylic on canvas. 25.5" x 21.5". AVAILABLE. Why? I DO NOT KNOW!
       This one was a lot of fun. It was for my Arcade Exhibition. I got the idea from the old 
       posters that Pinball manufacturers would send out to promote new machines! I loved 
       painting all in pinks for this one. Ok, there is a lot of innuendo in the text but I think it is 
       still clever without being inappropriate. Read more about this painting in my BLOG .
FIVE: "Monkey Business" Mixed media. 6" x 9". ALSO AVAILABLE = craziness!
        This one is from my Mixed Message Series. I love it! It is super cute! This little shadow box 
        has ink and paint embellishment and taken from imagery from my catalogue of completed 
        paintings! These little jewel boxes are suer cleve- if I do say so myself! READ MORE

FOUR: "Snagged" Acrylic on Metal and Board. 10" x 30". AVAILABLE.
        I like this one, and I think it is colour related. Teal is my favourite colour and I use it A 
        LOT! I also like message on this one. The retor- metal part worked out super well on this 
        piece, and I enjoy the little metal fishy too!

THREE: "Rocket Ride" Acrylic on canvas. 25.5" x 21.5". STILL AVAILABLE. 
       I think the composition on this one is TOP-NOTCH. I like the line that is made from the 
       streetcar. I think it is effective and attractive! Also painted for my Arcade Exhibition inspired 
       by pinball promotional posters (or the PPP to those of you in the know! ;-) 

TWO: "Space Cowgirl" Acrylic and Mixed media. 36" x 48". JUST FINISHED = AVAILABLE
         This one is my newest, which might account for it being my 2nd favourite. AGAIN....just 
         like children, no?? (I was the last born in my family - can you tell?) I love the lines and 
         colours in this one. I also enjoy the lady. A LOT. Super fun to paint! See the progress of 
         this painting in my older post HERE.

OK....DRUM number one for the

ONE: "Space Voyage" Mixed media. 43.5" x 23.5". SOLD
        This one was the centrepiece of my Arcade exhibition last year. This is number one for 
        several reasons. One....because it was s giant step forward in my artistic development. It 
        is made from reclaimed materials including my rollerblade wheels. It lights up - which is 
        fabulous. I think the colours are great and the imagery is very nicely appointed. It really 
        looks like an old pinball machine. Which is awesome. You can read all about this series on 
        my website or on this blog! I also made a movie of this whole exhibition and you can check 
        out the movie HERE!

Well. That's it. My Favourites. Like them or hate them, that is how I see them this year!
Love it? Hate it?
I love to hear from you guys.
Tell me what you are thinking!!

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