Monday, January 24, 2011


I wanted to open with something more 'Carson-y' today.
So, yesterday....on the coldest day ever.......EVER........
How cold was it?
It was so cold I chipped a tooth on my pancakes.
(It was -29 with the windchill, which is pretty darned chilly!)
But, I was out having brunch none-the-less at Prohibition........which by the way, was less than stellar, although I did have a very nice mimosa.
Anyways.....afterwards we went to the Value Village at Queen and Logan.
It seemed to be stinky-man-palooza!
Not homeless men....just smelly dudes.
And these gentlemen were busy trying on was rather unfortunate.
And it did not help me digest my brunch....there......I said it!
Ok, so even as I dodged the smelly guys, I was still able to find some interesting things.
Here is what I found picture-worthy:
Yes, I bought more blocks. They were $2.99. C'mon.....that is a deal!!

Unfortunate name.

A hat that Christina or Cindy could wear, that would get them invited to brunch.

This was a nice old music book. I didn't buy it, but it was good and discoloured.

I REAAALLLLY like how this paper bled....
And that is it!
Not much of a haul, I realize. the next couple of days I will be posting images of my newest work.....
Just you wait for it!
; - )


  1. Quickly off to the Value Village to scoop that fantastic chapeau!!

    Thanks for the shopping tip Rob!


    P.S. Nice Blocks and you should have picked up the sheet music!

  2. My pleasure....and thank you for commenting!!
    Now get out and get that hat!!
    (although a hat of such beauty will most likely be sold by now!)