Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hey Guys...
I recently went to see the animated feature "The Illusionist".
Although the story was a bit bleak sad french, it was still really lovely to look at.
I think this movie's colour palette is just super, and I really enjoyed watching it.
I like the layering of visual things in each scene, and I think this could really influence my work.

If you have seen 'The Triplets of Belleville' you MUST see this one too.

You can check out the American website:
OR check out the French site (which is more interactive):
Anyways, I like the look, and I am attaching a bunch of stills from the movie, check them out:
It is all about the colours here. I mean, C'MON!!!!!

This was a funny scene - as a muralist, I really enjoyed it!

See...the layering of 'stuff' the boxes, paper notes, pealing walls.....LOVE IT!


This guy was amusing. See the movie and you will see why!

I LOVE THE BUNNY and his cheap magenta suit! (oh and the green colour background is nice too!)
What do you think? See why it could really influence my artwork?
Have YOU seen the movie?
Go right now.
And enjoy - but remember it is a bit depressing french! ;-)


  1. my dad went and saw this film just recently and is in love with the artwork/movie as well. we had gone as a family to edinburgh this summer and the movie was a lovely reminder. i was wondering if you knew where and if they were selling the stills from the movie. he keeps talking how it would make such beautiful artwork. i'm thinking of getting this as a father's day present maybe.

  2. Just saw this film this evening. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. There's nothing like hand drawn animation.

  3. Hey!
    I am not sure if they are selling stills.
    I was in love with the look too!
    I liberated these from the internet........
    (great Father's day idea!!)

    and you are a world of computer generation, hand drawn animation is a wonderful respite!!