Friday, January 7, 2011


Oh you infuriate me sometimes. I got down to #5 and then you &^(*ed up....and I lost all my entry. So, I am restarting this blog entry.....a little irritated! ACK! here are some influences and inspirations I found in 2010. Some are people and blogs, others are just assorted found stuff. Enjoy my list!

ONE:  Erik Tan. I cannot say enough about his stuff. LOVE IT. Retro and cool. He has a great eye and 
           good back story...check out his blog. I love this one especially! 

TWO:  The Internet Pinball Database. Super helpful when I was researching for my Arcade Series.

            You can find photos of every pinball machine ever made here! 
            Like this one that is kinda dirty! ;-)

THREE:  Well Medicated. Andrew Lindstrom is a fellow cannuck and a freelance web designer based 
                in Vancouver. He has lots of great retro stuff that is a constant well of inspiration. Like this: 

FOUR:   I am a bit Disney obsessed. Especially vintage Disney design. I love it. These 3 websites are 
               awesome for great pictures and articles. Check them out!
               Designing Disney - all you need to know about the Disney design!
               Imagineering Disney - great vintage pictures and stories.
               Yesterland - The discontinued Disney theme park attractions 
               This is from one of these blogs:

FIVE:   R & R. That's not rough and ready. Nor is it rice and rosemary. GEEZ!  I meant rest and 
             relaxation! I cannot stress enough how great it is to get away! I was fortunately able to take a 
             few little trips last year.....BEAUTIFUL Buffalo, CLASSY Cleveland, MAGNIFICENT 
             Michigan, NICE New Brunswick and WONDERFUL Winnipeg. I took this photo in the 'Peg:

SIX:   Garage Sale-ing (not to be confused with garage sailing) and antiquing. I went to a bunch this 
          year, and there is ALWAYS inspiration to be found. I love old stuff......and more than that, I just 
          love the thrill of the B-A-R-G-A-I-N! 

SEVEN:   The Hi-Fructose Blog keeps me up to date on other great artists! It is updated daily with 
                 always new and interesting works. Like (the first one below) by Hilary White (Philidelphia) 
                 and the 2nd one is from Femke Hiemstra:

EIGHT:   Husband. (You're welcome......if you are reading this!!)

NINE: New freebie vintage scans of pin-up girls. These only started to influence my work in the last 
            month of last year, but I think they will shape a lot of work in this upcoming year!

TEN: Vodka. Ok. I am running out of ideas for this blog......but I assure you, my dear old voddy has 
          inspired a lot of my work!And if not, it has lubricated the creative machine! what did you think about this list? Worthy of a top ten?
I love it when you comment for me!

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