Monday, January 17, 2011


So, every Sunday husband, me, and a friend of ours, have a standing brunch date.
I look forward to it each week!
It is part of my ongoing mission to find the best pancakes in Toronto.
I have found some DELECTABLE treats on the way......
The warm scone platter at The Drake is a brunch necessity....
Oh, and the Oatmeal pancake at Mitzi's a revelation!
ANYWAYS, so after weekly brunch we often do a little bargain hunting.
So this week we went to the Value Village at Bloor & Lansdowne.
Anyone who is a frequent Value Villager knows that this location is the primo location.
Here are some of the great finds from was a windfall of riches!!!!
I know this is showing my age, but remember these filmstrip projectors from school??
Cannibalizing this will be super fun!

Not sure why I needed might be good for something!??

I am hoping this game will be helpful for me in my aspirations for business greatness!!
Barrel of I need to say anything else??

Poor little Lorissa's childhood was on sale for 99 cents. 
The placard on this said "old best blue bard cock".
What do you think?
Did I score soem great stuff for my new works?
I would love your comments........CINDY THAT MEANS YOU TOO.........;-)


  1. I'm certain that you are well on your way to being a successful Junior Executive! You already have the hairstyle down and love to take long lunches!

    Nice finds at the ol' VV!!


  2. THANKS!
    I knew that slacking off would eventually pay off!!!