Friday, May 27, 2011

AUTO FIXATION: the deets

Hey y'all.
Today is the shorted blog post EV-VAH!
It is a crazy busy day, I am already 11/2 hours behind schedule and it is only 11AM!!!!!!!!
So.... here is everything you need to know about my upcoming exhibition:

A new exhibition of original works by Rob Croxford

Here is my Artist Statement about the show.....imagine me not speaking in 3rd person though...

 ‘Auto Fixation’ is a tribute to the long line of mechanics in Rob’s ancestry, especially his Dad. Truthfully, Rob has never been a ‘car guy’, mostly because he has no aptitude in this area. However, he does have a deep appreciation good design and a talent for finding the beauty in almost any subject matter. The vintage car is the ultimate testament to outstanding design, and the paintings in ‘Auto Fixation’ explore the beauty of this! Rob’s work appropriates quotes & through irony/word puns/satire, re-invents the subject matter to draw attention to current issues. He mimics advertising iconography from pre-1950 to establish a ‘vintage’ visual look in his paintings. The unapologetically happy style enables the work to remain accessible, and helps diminish any political sting. Rob hopes that his work entertains but also challenges people to re-assess their opinions about our values and our traditions. 

The Reception will be a super cool night....come out and share a tasty beverage with him me!
I look forward to seeing you there. 

 I will not have the full catalogue of 25 brand spanking new paintings (YES I SAID TWENTY-FIVE!!!!) on my actual website ( until the day of June 9th!
(but if you spend some time on this blog you can probably see them all)
Remember, seeing the web versions is NOTHING like seeing them all in person.
Also......I will not be showing these works at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in July.
So try to come out and see these great new works.
Have I built it up enough for you????
I hope to see y'all out on the 9th!!!

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