Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I thought this week I would do a Wonderful Wednesday theme.
As many of you know, I am coo coo for colour.
My work is colourful, my wardrobe is colourful, my language is colourful.
You get it.
So here are a few fabulous things that I LOVE this week:

1.) This photography series by Marco Ugolini and Pedro Motta seeks to subvert the power of manipulation of corporate giants by organizing supermarket products in specific color groups. From black and white to red and blue, it’s really interesting to see just how everyday objects can be used to create thought provoking images. Find out more about the project here.
I saw my basket and I had to paint it black......

Am I blue?

It's not easy being green.

I cant' think of a song that mentions yellow....

Thanks to Junk Culture Blog for this link! Junk culture is one of my very favourite blogs EV-VAH!
You should check out the J.C. is always inspiring to me!

2.) Look at these STUNNING photos from the Netherlands. And what do we think about when we think about The Netherlands.......clogs, cheese, windmills, dykes, weed, and legalized prostitution? Well yes, but we also think about tulips. Look at these fields of tulips. Just gorgeous!

Thanks to Pitch Design Union. This blog is another fantabulous blogs about design.

3.) These are some great shots that make my face melt. Yes, that is a good thing. Check them out and try NOT to salivate. I DARE you! Thanks to my friends at Design Crisis for finding these. If you have not checked out Design Crisis. You must. MUST.

blue and orange.......YUM!

The rainbow stairs.....I wish I had the stones to do this!!!!

Every building needs a splash of colour!!

Um.....which is the passing lane???

One does need a hint of colour.

This is the floor that makes my face melt the most.
4.) Ok, as you probably know, I am a bit of a Disneyphile. I hate using the term as it sounds slightly unsavoury.....but it is what it is! So here are some stills from "The World of Colour" water show at Disney California Adventure Theme Park. It looks spectacular...and I look forward to seeing it in person next year! I have attached a video of it as well.....if you have 30 minutes to waste, please enjoy!!!

5.) Finally 3 songs that are colour related.
ONE: From "Color me Barbra" this ridiculous medley of songs is a sure fire hit....
           and the fact that Ms. Brolin is on a trapeze. COME ON!!!!!!

TWO: "True Colors" by The incomparable Cyndi Lauper.

THREE: "Rainbow Connection". I love this movie. It reminds me of my misspent youth!

There you go.
The colourful world of #WW!!!!
I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. We all live in a yellow submarine, Good bye yellow brick road and yellow by coldplay. Those were the three that popped in my head. (However I'm still humming paint it black right now!) The tuplips must be stunning to see in person. I can only imagine. Great post as always!

    (friggen thing won't let me sign in so I'm Anonymous in NB today!)

  2. Thanks A.I.N.B.!!!! (I like the new moniker - although "Anonymous in New Brunswick" sounds a lot like a book of short stories!)