Monday, May 23, 2011


What time is it?
No, not creepy clown nightmare time.......
it's time for another trip to the Value Village!
Hey y'all.
Well, another Sunday brunch has come and gone. Which means another trip to the Double V!
I discovered a number of things that I wanted to share!
It seemed wherever I looked there was 2 of everything. 2 paintings, 2 dolls, 2 screaming children whose mother thought it was fine to let them fight in the aisle, 2 mentally unstable people arguing about the prices of know....the usual.
I felt like Noah of the V.V.!
So here are some of my finds.
What a lovely painting......I can't think how this could be a better find.

Oh wait. NOW I see how it can be better. There are 2 of them.!!
2 'Children of the Corn' dolls. 2 times the spookyness!

Rob: I am not sure. The 2 dog paintings are nice, but I think I like the warm colours in these better.
Husband: Well, I think these really fit our lifestyle. As we are both Class 3 Jedi's

Sometimes, two heads are better than one!

I made the mistake of thinking it was a weave....and putting on my head........

Ok...there were more than 2 of these....but can one really have too much freedom?

How au courant! And no, I could not convince husband to buy them so that we could match.

Finally! A good, sensible, everyday champagne flute.........for those with very long necks.

Rob: What about these matching hats for us?
Husband: No gracias
Rob: But they are super fun.
Husband: No me gustan. Vamos a parecer estupido usarlos.
Rob: Um.....when did you start speaking fluent Spanish?

2 Mr. Tennis Ball Head dolls. I don't know what to say about this.

I would have bought these, but our living room isn't large enough to feature 2 kleenex boxes.
Ok. There is only one of these.......but it is 2ce as cute as everything else!!
So. There you go. Another interesting shopping trip. If you are interested in any of these beautiful one of a kind two of a kind items, make sure you get to the V.V. asap!

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