Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey guys!

So this week's #WW, Wonderful Wednesday is full of interesting and weird things that I have been enjoying! They are a little left of centre, but all very worthy of blogging about!!! So let's get to it!

1.) This is particularly weird and wonderful - but maybe not for young eyes (there are some noodie-patooties here). Mark Joseph Mulroney does murals that are really wacky and cool! They are both beautiful and are a few tame ones:
Love the colours on this one.

It is very

More weird fabulousness!!

Not sure that the "when killer intestines attack" mural is for me....but it is nicely done!

Again....there is something that is acid-trippy about this work.......and yet it is still attractive.
Let me warn you again, going to his strange site may change you. You may be shocked by some of what you see. There. Now go look. You KNOW you want to!

2.) I like this weirdly entertaining work as well. London based designer & illustrator Aled Lewis created this hilarious series titled "Toy Stories" as part of his Make Something Cool Every Day project for 2011.  Find out more about the series here.

3.) Next up....more know how I love me some Gaga.....well please enjoy this song parody from our old friend Weird Al.: 
I look forward to an official video! Don't you???

4.) Here is some weird architecture! Maybe it is more cool than weird? 
Ah, the Dutch......

A leopardtastic Japanese jewelry shop

Of course.....the French Canadian lego houses of Habitat 67!

The Disney Concert Hall..........LOVE it!

This is a bus stop in Ventura California! SUUUPER!!!

Looks like a lunar colony. But no. it is actually a Polish radio station. I kid you not!!

Check out GOOD THING DOT NET for a bunch more!

5.) I leave you with these FABULOUS (and strange) images borrowed from my favourite blog, Design Crisis:
This is wallpaper. And may induce seizures. Or Caesars?!

You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.....
Beware the Humguin. Half human half penguin


Orange you glad you have all the space for your chandelier bike room?

I hate it when this happens.

Bad taste NOSE no limits!

There you go.
Wacky wonderful and weird!!


  1. oh how I look forward to Wednesdays. Great post. Not sure I'd hire that guy to pain murals in my daughters room though! Ha, ha! The pinata donkey made me laugh. And weird al. I do love weird al But I have to say, when I went to see Don McLean play American Pie here at our lovely theatre and I was singing "My, my this here anikin guy, may be vader, some day later...." I was a little annoyed. :)

  2. Thanks for being such a loyal reader! I really appreciate it!!
    Spooky murals.....for sure!!
    THAT IS FUNNY.....thanks for ruining American Pie for me!