Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok...ok.....not the best title........I am a little rushed this week!
I promise next week will be more clever....well, maybe not promise........maybe...hope?
Ok, so with no further are 5 things that I loved this last week.

1.) "Bridesmaids".

     I do not know who I love more.....the impossibly funny Kristin Wigg or Maya Rudolph.
     Together they are spectacular. I know what you are thinking - it is a chick movie, Rob. You are only    
     partially was laugh out loud - almost crying funny. YOU MUST SEE IT for a very low
     brow laugh! (and is there any better kind?) Here is the official trailer:

2.) Every year some amazing talent is produced by the t.v. program American Idol. This year is no
     exception!! The breakout super-talented stars from this year are most definitely Jennifer Lopez, and
     Steven Tyler!!! Anyways, so every year, there is a great summer song. Something that sounds great as
     you sip (insert your fave cocktail here) by the beach/on the patio. This year, I am nominating this one:
    Yes, I know he is older than the crypt keeper, and he dresses like your crazy Aunt Linda...but I enjoy
    him and his floppy hats and woman's pant suits!!
3.) This book (thanks Dale) "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York" by James and Karla 
     Murray. SUPER FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy these pictures from it....THEN BUY IT!!!!
SEXY! N'est pas?

This one makes me tear is how I always pictures heaven.

I could use a day at Marie's!!

C'mon!!! This is bee-autiful!!

THANK GOD. Finally a place to buy my "Manx" (Spanx for men)

I would marry this font!

Actually, it is THIS font that I would marry. COME ON!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
Funny fact...that since the book was published 1/3 rd of the stores featured - have closed!!!

4.) I stole this from one of my fave's. The blog is called Junkculture...and I LOVE IT!!!!!! This artists work is really appealing to me. As part of his new "Disassembly" project, artist Todd McLellan disassembled and photographed all sorts of everyday objects and gadgets. The series shows a telephone, an alarm clock, a camera and a typewriter, each taken apart and photographed to display the internal parts that we rarely see. Find out more about Todd's work here.

     AMAZING!! NO????? Check out the rest on his site!!

5.) I found a quote this week that I like....but have not found a way to use it:
     "The odds are good that the goods are odd."
    If you can think of a clever way for me to appropriate (aka steal) this quote...let me know!

So there ya go!!! Hope you enjoyed this weeks #WW

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