Monday, August 6, 2012

CREEP OF THE WEEK: Olympic-style

OK...I know most of you are whipped up into a frenzied froth of Olympic spirit.
I am not as much into sports - although I am into the pre-show.....does that count???
So anyways....I wanted to share some photos this week from Beijing's former Olympic sites.
Truthfully, I don't think the Chinese people have a need for a post-Olympic BMX or Kayak stadium....
But the photos (from David Grey AGAIN at Reuters) help to make this my Creep of the Week!!!

Ok..ok...I know what you are thinking 
"OH ROB! Why you gotta be a hater?" 
I just think that ruins are WONDERFUL to enjoy. 
Even if they have a place in our Olympic history.
Here is another example:

I LOVE this video of the Olympic village in Germany (1936):

I am also fascinated by the horrible state of Athens Greece:

So there you go....creeeeeeepy.....and quite sad.
I am sure that London has probably got a better post-olympic plan!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this post.
I LOVE your comments!!!!

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