Monday, August 20, 2012


Hey y'all!!!
Sorry I have been a slacker! It has been almost a whole week since I last blogged.
No. Sadly, I have not been vacationing.
I have been super busy painting new work for my October exhibition at Gallery 129 Ossington.
I wanted to show the first piece from that upcoming show.
The exhibition is called "Sign of the Times". It is all poster inspired work.
I will be showing pieces that are all themed around posters and billboards.
I will NOT be showing ANYTHING from my last show...which means I have a boat-load of work to do in the next month and a bit.....but you know how I love a looming crazy-person deadline!!!
So, here is the first new piece for the show:

"Summer Fun", 24" x 36", Acrylic on board.
As you can see it is about Ontario Place.
Here in Toronto, there is a bunch of controversy over the closing of the Ontario theme park.
For those of you not from Ontario here is the wiki-description for Ontario Place:

"Ontario Place WAS a multiple use entertainment and seasonal waterfront park attraction located in TorontoOntario, and owned by the Crown in Right of Ontario. It is administered as an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, just south of Exhibition Place, it is approximately 4 km west of Downtown Toronto. It opened on May 22, 1971 and consists of three artificially constructed, landscaped islands. Attractions are spread throughout the park, as well as walking trails and food and drink concessions. Traditionally targeted at a family audience, with emphasis on children's activities, the park has a seasonal operating schedule and is closed from October through April, with the exception of the Cinesphere IMAX theatre and private event space. Central to the complex is a public marina and a major concert theatre. Historically, Ontario Place, as a publicly subsidized provincial agency, aims to keep costs, especially for families, lower than comparable attractions. On February 1, 2012, the government announced that the public sections of the park will be CLOSED  and redeveloped, with a targeted completion date of 2017, in time for Canada's 150th anniversary. All Ontario Place facilities will be closed except for the marina, the Molson Amphitheatre, the Atlantis entertainment venue and parking."

I would like to believe that the government isn't gonna screw the re-development up.....
BUT......I have serious doubts!!!!! Thus the painting.
As you can see, the poster part is centred around the Cinesphere (as it really is the most iconic building in the complex) The logo and fonts are all made up on the poster part....
The logo on the ticket is very similar to the former logo....although the ticket is made up too.
There is a quote on a piece of accounting paper....that I really like.
I like it because it was from my husband! (or so he keeps telling me)
There is also a wooden nickel...just for fun!
The entire background is like the tiles at Bathurst TTC station (which is one of the ways to get down to the Exhibition area) I liked that it spelled 'thurst' (which sounds like 'thirst')
I think turned out really well!!
What do you think??

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