Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday.
I hope you enjoy these 5 things that I am LOVING this week:

1.) Here's the Thing. Ok...granted....Alec Baldwin is a hot head, with a pension for attracting bad press.....but he absolutely has a way of making interesting conversation - from unlikely sources. I LOOOOOOOVE his bi-monthly podcast. LOVE it. You must give it a try!!!!!!!!

"Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin gives the listener unique entrée into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by taking listeners inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people such as comedian Chris Rock, political strategist Ed Rollins and Oscar winner Michael Douglas. Here's The Thing: Listen to what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host." 

Truthfully, at first glance, some of the people he interviews are NOT my regular cup of tea. 
But they have ALL been FASCINATING!!!!!!!! 
I highly recommend getting the free pod casts from iTunes!!!
(thanks to Cindy for pointing me to this many months ago!!!!)

2.) I love this mural-like installation work. Makes an eyesore much more appealing!! I introduce you to  Martin Heuwold (aka MEGX) of Wuppertal, Germany. This is  “Lego-Brücke”, or “Lego Bridge”- he makes a bridge look like giant lego blocks..and the result is AH-MAH-ZING! The piece took 4 weeks to complete.,,,check it out...and look an his website for more stuff...
...before you check out his might want to brush up on your German! Here's the mural I like:

(thanks to Beautiful Decay for this!!)

3.) Caro Emerald. O-M-G!!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have been listening to "Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor"...which took me to the remix album. It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know that is a lot of exclamation points) 
Here are her wiki-deets:
Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw (b. 26 April 1981 in Amsterdam), best known by her stage nameCaro Emerald, is a Dutch jazz singer. She debuted on 6 July 2009 with her single "Back It Up". Her debut album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor set a new all-time chart record on 20 August 2010, spending its 30th week at number one on the Dutch album chart. The album has become the biggest selling album of 2010 in the Netherlands, selling over 300,000 copies so far. In total more than a million copies have been sold so far. On 3 October 2010, Van der Leeuw was awarded the Dutch Music Prize "Edison Award" for Best Female Artist. are a couple tunes that are toe-tappingly spectacular:

That Man - cool and retro:

Back it up - also cool and retro!!!!!:

and sorry but this soooo good.....

AND this delightful (it starts a little weird if you don't speak Dutch...but stick with it!!!!!:

4.) Ok...I gots no good recipe/food items this week......but I do have a GREAT app for those of you artists/designers out there who are font collectors - like I am. I use photoshop a lot....and download a lot of fonts for my paintings.....what I didn't realize was  that: 
'every font that has been activated on your system requires the deployment of system resources to applications. This can be an unproductive use of resources, particularly for fonts that are used infrequently. Font management allows you to activate fonts solely for the period of time you actually need them, freeing up precious resources so your system can run more efficiently.'

This great app will:
  • lets you activate and deactivate your fonts.
  • shows you a preview.
  • shows you the font name.
  • tells you which fonts are missing in a document.

Download it HERE!! It has made a MASSIVE change in my computer wait times....I get the pinwheel a LOT less these days - which means a LOT less swearing!!!!!
(thanks to Warren for installing this for me!!!)

5.) This week we lost a great humorist. Awful when smart people die so early. Here is his wiki-bio:

David Benjamin Rakoff (November 27, 1964 – August 9, 2012) was a Canadian-born writer based in New York City who was noted for his humorous, sometimes autobiographical non-fiction essays. Rakoff was an essayist, journalist, and actor, and a regular contributor to Public Radio International's This American Life. Rakoff described himself as a "New York writer" who also happened to be a "Canadian writer", a "mega Jewish writer", a "gay writer'" and an "East Asian Studies major who has forgotten most of his Japanese" writer. On August 9, 2012, Rakoff died of cancer, surrounded by family at his apartment in Manhattan.
So I wanted to share with you this smart little is long...very funny and a bit sad too.....enjoy:

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