Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Good Wednesday to you! Thanks for reading my blog!!!!
Let's get right to it. The 5 things that I LOVE this week.

1.) this first one is really different. Even for me. But I really like it. So weird and wonderful. Pip & Pop are Australian artists (also known as Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz) who have a great sence of colour and form in thier work. They combine colored sugar and candy with modeling clay, glitter and other assorted craft supplies creates a highly detailed delectable fantasy world. 
(click on the images below to enbiggen them)

Check out thier website HERE or get a copy of their book, I Love That You Love What I Love.

2.) This super little environmentally friendly car is CRAZY!!!! The hiriko folding electric vehicle has been developed as an innovative solution for means of alternative transportation. True, it still needs a bit more work if it wants to appeal to us North Americans.......BUT what a great start!

"The concept automobile bridges the relationship between the city and its inhabitants by accommodating easy and accessible driving solutions within a busy metropolitan area.  In a collaboration between MIT's changing places, denokinn basque center for innovation and afypaida, the design caters to an environment that promotes more social, sustainable and smarter cities. the small commuter car integrates a 20 horsepower electric motor, controlled by a drive-by-wire system, where it achieves a range of 120 km (75 miles) with a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). Each wheel contains a separate drive motor, steering, braking, and suspension system, allowing its body to collapse into two separate units for tight parking spaces."

Here is a video of it collapsing to fit into tight spaces!!!! Super cool!

(thanks to DesignBoom for this.....go check them out HERE!!!!!)

3.) This is super fun!!! I love the whimsical direction that the Kansas City Public Library took when designing its library:

This permanent installation is designed to conceal the library’s car park. To select the books, the public were asked to nominate books that they felt represented Kansas City. I think it is a GREAT idea!!!!!!
(Thanks to Cindy via NOTCOT and Deputy Dog)

4.) this one is less inspirational than usual.......but I do kinda like them for the irony. But PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE, for the love of all things holy, ONLY wear these socks for the IRONY:

For $5.95 US, you can have that chic-hoser look without all the trouble at Baron Bob!
(Thanks to Dale via Dangerous Minds and Dressed Like Machines)

5.) And for your laugh of the week (as if the sandal socks weren't enough) I give you....this which 2 people have forwarded to me already (thanks Deb and David):
For a better audio version....go to

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