Monday, June 17, 2013

ME ME ME MEEEEEE. know how I am a bit shy about self promotion.......well today maybe not so much.
I had a really nice coffee with Natalie who is a fine artist herself and showed a the Riverdale Art Walk a few weekends ago with me! We chatted (or rather I talked her ear off about myself for an hour) and she is really lovely!! Her artwork, which is mosaic is really nice too....for example this one:

So....back to me.....(hee hee)
Natalie is also an aspiring writer...and wrote a GREAT little piece about yours truly on her blog
Take some time to browse her lovely work on her site too....

Thanks Natalie for the lovely words!!!
I appreciate it!


  1. Thanks, Rob, for being such an awesome, intelligent and fascinating interview subject and also for putting so much of ME into your "ME ME ME MEEEEEE" post ;)

    1. ...sharin' the spotlight - MOST DESERVEDLY!