Friday, June 7, 2013

TORONTO OUTDOOR ART EXHIBITION 2013 - Rob Croxford at Booth #12 !!

Hey howdy friends, loyal readers, and newbies!!
I have finally recovered from my last weekend showing at the R.A.W.!
(BTW that's AT the RAW not IN the raw) to look forward to my next show!
On deck next........the granddaddy of Canadian Outdoor Art Fairs....

The 52nd T.O.A.E. is at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West
It runs.....rain or shine.....
July 5: 10:30 am- 7:30 pm
July 6: 10:30 am- 7:30 pm
July 7: 10:30 am- 6:30 pm

About 400 artists are chosen from about 1300 eager artist applicants!

As the largest of its kind in Canada, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition offers a fresh-air and free alternative to conventional art shows and galleries. Approximately 400 artists participate and over 100,000 visitors attend the exhibition every year. Side by side, established artists, undiscovered talents and innovative students sell their work directly to the public and make lasting connections with art dealers and collectors.

A catalogue featuring the art will be available on the TOAE website VERY SOON!.
Here is a bit more info about the show:
“At 52 years, TOAE has become one of Canada’s most important visual arts events because all the artists interact directly with the public to discuss their work”, says TOAE President, Flavio Belli. “We’ve nurtured the careers of thousands of Canadian artists, some of whom have gone on to international recognition.”
The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition annually opens during the second weekend of July despite bad weather, civic strikes, and recent renovations to Nathan Phillips Square. It has not just survived but prospered, and each year TOAE gives away $30,000 in cash prizes to artists on the square. TOAE is a charitable, not-for-profit organization supported by a group of volunteers and corporate partners. The organizers take no percentage of the artists’ sales, and it maintains one of the lowest exhibition rental fees available to artists.

I am grateful to be a part of the SCALED DOWN version of this show! 
This will be my 8th showing at TOAE since 2004. Which is pretty good (insert pat on back here ;-)
I have a GREAT location this year.....(click the map to en-biggen it!)
Here is what the area looks like right now.... give you an idea......this is what it looks like from the street.....
Find ROB and win a quarter!!! ;-p

So....I am pretty jacked about the show. I will be showing A LOT of work from my 'Sign of the Times' a LOT more. I will be showing a number of pieces that I did NOT show at the RAW this past weekend!
Here are a few little $100 (YES....YOU READ IT RIGHT!!! ONLY ONE HUNDRED BONES!!) pieces that will be for sale on the square those days.....
"Carbon Footprint", Mixed media, 9" x 6" 

The car imagery is from one of my sold images...but colour retouched....
The car is from a vintage puzzle......that I bought at ETHEL (and was missing a piece).
That puzzle has been a GREAT buy!!!
The bottom has a bunch of painted footy prints.
There are also some wooden mouldings.....and a bunch of colour washes to finish her off!
This one will also MOST DEFINITELY be gone on Friday!

"City Slicker", Mixed media, 9" x 6"
This one has an image I painted of Toronto New City Hall. (That original is also SOLD)
The bottom has a wooden 's' attached and a painted Rolling Stones tongue.
There are also 2 scrabble letters....
Finally - it has a LOT of paint and ink and washes....

"Science Fiction", Mixed media, 9" x 6" 
This is a sure-fire sell item too!!
It has imagery on top is from 2 different paintings from my 'Tin Toys' Series - that are both sold.
There is a LOT of paint work on this piece too!!!
Then the middle has new painted work - of a guy FIXing a car.
And then some scrabble tiles 'tion'...
It has a wood moulding and a little "space invader" too!

So there are 3 new ones to look forward to seeing in person!
Remember to come by!
And also remember - this is a very well attended show, so get there on Friday for the BEST selection!!!
Things move pretty fast at this show!!
See you soon!!

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