Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ok guys...gotta keep this short I am out of data on my internet package.
Yes. It's true. 
I have my #1 to thank for this:

1.) Arrested Development. The new season is out ONLY on Netflix. If you liked it before. YOU WILL LOVE IT NOW!!! We breezed through 7 episodes back to back - until we were EXHAUSTED!! It was BRILLIANT! I love the layers and layers and LAAAAAAAYERS of jokes. So great!!!!

Let me tell you - loyal **CHARRED MY TREE!!!! 
**to get this reference - you NEED to watch the show....

Here is a bit...if you like will LOVE the show:

THE BAD NEWS???? We used up WAAAAAAY too much data on our home internet package!!
(so beware of that)

2.) "Beauty is Embarrassing." Remember last year, when I said I couldn't wait to see this documentary?? I had intentions to see it.....but it was only here one night - and I missed it. Then forgot all about it. BUT FINALLY I saw it. I really felt inspired by it. It really spoke to me!!! it is about Wayne White - an is a wiki-snippet about him:

In 1986 he worked on Pee-wee's Playhouse where his work for his set and puppet designs won three Emmy awards; he also supplied a number of voices on the show. He also art directed a couple great  music videos - Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" and Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight".
Then he had troubles finding he concentrated on a painting career. He takes cheap, mass-produced lithographs which he finds in secondhand thrift stores and painstakingly writes phrases or words on them in a glossy, 3-D style. He is now super successful!!!!

My take away from the movie was how frustrated he felt about the art world not accepting him, because his paintings are fun!!! (oh....that is until suddenly he became 'collected' and successful.....THEN the art community got behind him!!!!) 
He just kept his humour and just ignored ALL the critics!
A very enjoyable movie!
(You can also get this on Netflix)
3.) The Tony Awards. THIS IS THE BEST AWARDS SHOW ON TV. I cannot say enough about it. It is full of great performances, and show tunes!!!!!! LOVE IT. Here are a couple of the snippets that I LOVED. I especially LOVE NPH! (Neil Patrick Harris - he is UBER talented)
WHAT AN OPENING!!! So good!!
Also LOVE these following clips:

4.) The Debaters, ON CBC. SO GREAT!! And so funny!!!!'s Canadian! It can be downloaded as podcast....but the radio comedy show hosted by Steve Patterson airs on CBC Radio One Saturdays at 1:00PM and Wednesdays at 11:30AM (both Eastern time, half an hour later in Newfoundland). 
Each week comedians debate the HOT issues of our day. Some of the debate topics include; Cake vs Pie, or Climate Change & Online FUNNY!!!

These are recorded in front of live audiences in studios, theatres and clubs across Canada. Performers who have appeared on the show include Paul Bae, Irwin Barker, Sean Cullen, Charles Demers, Gary Jones, Deb Kimmett, Elvira Kurt, Marc Maron, J.P. Mass, Patrick McKenna, Mark Meer, Greg Proops, Sean Proudlove, Al Rae, Simon Rakoff, Dan Redican, Jeff Rothpan, Erica Sigurdson, Ron Sparks, Scott Thompson and Mary Walsh.

It was a tv show for a while here is a clip:
There are more clips HERE!

5.) My friend Michelle sent me this one. It is really good for a laugh! HONEST Disney movie names...FINALLY:

Thanks Cheepay - and Strombo!

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