Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hey y' are 5 things that I LOVE this week......enjoy:

1.) This week I am pleased as punch to make this my #1!!! I am excited to announce my dear friend Cindy Scaife's first solo exhibition. Her show "True Patriot Grub--A Tribute to Canadian Cuisine", will run from June 21-July 14, at Atomic Toybot, 978 Queen Street East, Toronto Wed-Sat 11-6, Sun 10-5, Tel (416) 466-4506. "

Whats it about???
This series brings distinctly Canadian food to life in a series of acrylic on canvas paintings featuring anthropomorphic characters in the geographic settings in which they originate. Accessible to Canadians of all ages, the show celebrates the food that makes us unique and unites us from coast to coast to coast.
Each of the paintings represents food that was either invented in, or strongly associated with, Canada. Iconic Canadian delights are depicted as illustrated characters set in their natural habitats. From a Nanaimo bar riding a chairlift against a scenic mountain backdrop, to a poutine figure skating in front of the Chateau Frontenac, the paintings celebrate the vastness of our Canadian landscape as well as our often elusive culinary identity. In addition to recognizable vistas, some of the paintings also offer a unique historical perspective. One painting depicts a bag of Hawkins cheezies scurrying to douse a fire, paying homage to the fire that leveled the company's factory in Tweed in 1956, leading it to relocate to its current home in Belleville. Here is another 'teaser' image:

I hope you can make it out to the HUUUGE Opening Reception from
7-9pm THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! 
(June 21st) 
at Atomic Toybot on Queen Street East!!!!

2.) I have been really enjoying this song......and accompanying video. I know it is straight up pop music. But I enjoy Sara Bareilles!! SO THERE. I also like the message in this song!
On her website.......I also like the idea of filling out this card on her website.....
some of her fans did:

3.) The 'SD TabletWear Samsung Galaxy Tab'. Recently, I bought a larger tablet device.....that required something to make it more secure when transportable!! Thankfully I have my friends at Mobile Fun who were able to get me a really inexpensive solution!!!!
 First.....I gotta tell you I LOVE it! Not only doest it fits like a glove without restricting any of the tablets also easily allows you to hold tablet in one hand!!!! EASY PEASY!
 Magnetic closure is great.....and ALWAYS stays securely closed in whatever handbag I am carrying it in!!!
Lovely from every angle!

Very SIMPLE and stylish!!

The simple and minimal design looks GREAT without drawing unnecessary attention to my tablet!!!
I am really pleased with this cover.....but Mobile Fun carries lots of great techie stuff that you will want to own........check them out!!!!

4.) I think THIS, my fellow NYC lovers. would be AMAZE-balls:

SOM  has a vision for a more livable New York! Responding to a design challenge put forth by the municipal art society of new york to redesign the busiest train station in North America, the proposal calls for the transplantation of madison square garden to an adjacent site, while fantastically expanding the cramped penn station into an efficient, green vortex of circulation. 

 JUST LOOK AT THIS PROPOSAL!!!!! It is remarkable in it's approach to density and seeks to strike a balance between consolidation and expansion.

 They focused on making penn station a dignified gateway both with striking architectonics and more intuitive circulation. The expansion of the transit hub's footprint by two additional blocks makes for the accommodation of high-speed rail lines from the northeast corridor as well as direct rail connections to major airports and commuter rail services for the entire Tri-State area.

 In keeping with the idea of the complex as the civic heart of midtown  west, the grand architectural gesture consists of a central, large-scale transparent ticketing hub lined with retail spaces. the layered, vertical park sports green space four times the size of Bryant Park while asserting the center as an important and multifaceted urban gateway.

 Four mixed-use towers monumentalize and consolidate city programming, boasting more offices that Rockefeller Center and more cultural hotspots than Lincoln Center to punctuate the green-clad funnel
of circulation that would so characterize the skyline!!


5.) This is the MEANEST thing I have ever read.....I almost didnt want to popst this.....but I think a few of you may be amused by it....Nathan Fielder is kind of a jerk he texts (orincourages others to text) their significant others, “I haven’t been fully honest with you,” and then not reply for an hour. The results...are AWEFUL!!!!

 [via buzzfeed]

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