Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Here are the 5 things (as promised) that I am love love loving this week:

1.) As you guys probably know, I do a LOT of research for ideas on my pieces. Lately, my work has needed a lot of I have been looking to wallpaper for my inspiration....I found this wallpaper company that makes amusing and sometimes NAUGHTY wallpaper! I think it is fantastic!!! Filthy Home:

"Alektorophobia" (the fear of chickens) wallpaper 
"Popped Cherries" wallpaper

"Porno Channel Scramble" wallpaper

"Candy Tip" wallpaper
Here is a close up.....DIRTY!!!!!!

All the descriptions are funny though........

Funny paper, huh?? That's Filthy Home for ya!
ok...I might lose you on this one.....but it is soooooo weird I HAD to share......

2.) As you know from LAST weeks #WW, I am loving 'The Bates Motel' on A&E. It is super great!! But thanks to that, a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, (CINDY) has gotten really into taxidermy. This friend passed along this link.....about the work of Walter Potter. (No relation to Harry!) He made crazy dioramas of animals........Potter (1835-1918) was a self-taught English taxidermist. For technical assistance, he would have had any number of popular manuals at his disposal. For inspiration, he had his younger sister’s illustrated nursery rhyme books and the Great Exhibition of 1851, where anthropomorphic taxidermy was first displayed to the British public:

His first major contribution was an elaborate diorama depicting the death and burial of Cock Robin, (above) which he began at age 19 and took seven years to complete. Each of the animals from the English nursery rhyme are represented, behaving in character; a rook with a book is parson, a mourning dove leads the funeral procession, an owl digs the grave.

So here are some more.........just as creepy.....(click to enbiggen them!!) there is that. You can read the whole article HERE!!

3.) I know I am not a child....but often I behave that appease my 'not so inner' child I LOVE these Alphabet Factory Blocks ($70) from House:
"These handmade wooden blocks are inspired by the original House Industries factory logo and feature a selection of letters, numbers and symbols from House's renowned font collections. Compatible with all human neurosensory systems and powered by finger oil, children's mucus and a love for learning, the Factory Blocks do not require batteries, software updates or hand wringing over obsolescence."

You can buy them here or here.
(thanks to If it's Hip it's Here for this one!!!)

4.) normally I try to post a cool music related thing......this tribute to the TONY AWARDS (and because I am a HUGE Musical Theatre Geek) I give you the NEW recording of PIPPIN (out this week)!!

Everything has its season... and this season, PIPPIN returned to Broadway for the first time since it first thrilled audiences 40 years ago! The score by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ (GODSPELL, WICKED) includes the favourites "Magic to Do," "Glory" and "Corner of the Sky". The story of PIPPIN is about a young prince on a death-defying journey to find meaning in his existence. Will he choose a happy but simple life? Or will he risk everything for a singular flash of glory? The new Pippin is directed by DIANE PAULUS, (HAIR and THE GERSHWINS' PORGY AND BESS), features sizzling choreography in the style of BOB FOSSE and breathtaking acrobatics by LES 7 DOIGTS DE LA MAIN, the creative force behind the nationwide sensation TRACES.
Oh, and did I mention it has Andrea Martin (who I saw on Broadway in 'Young Frankenstein') and the INCREDIBLE Patina Miller (who dazzled me in 'Sister Act' when I saw her!!)!!!!!

Here is a clip of the AH-MAH-ZING re-interpretation of the show (on Broadway right now):

If you, like me, can't afford to see this production in least buy the soundtrack....
preview it here!! is a bonus clip of The Jackson 5 performing 'Corner of the Sky' in the 70's!

5.) Ok lastly, I usually leave you with something I found kinda funny this week. BUT I have been so busy, the only things I came across were animal related.....and I AM NOT A HUGE ANIMAL guy.....but I know MANY of my loyal readers for you guys...I give you these....

Cody the Screaming dog.....this (sadly) made me laugh....

Animals Versus Mirrors...let the comedy ensue:

and finally animals-doing-people-things for example:

OK!! Tha't it y'all!! I hope you enjoyed this!!!
Remember I love your comments!
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