Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hey! Happy Friday!!
I have lots of things on the go right now.....I MEAN A LOT! I will share on Monday!
But I wanted to talk a little about last weekend first!

Here is my micro-summary of The Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Show..... one...on show up E-A-R-L-Y to stake your place for the weekend.
Literally! "I claim this land in the name of....."
I have been telling people that it is not unlike "The Hunger Games" - that morning, before the sun rises....the competition is ON!
You see, everyone wants that 'special spot' in the park - although I am told there is not "bad spot"! (then again, artists/vendors showed up at 5am just to get "good spots" - so you judge!!)
At 9am the bell rings......(I KID YOU NOT!) and then day REALLY begins.......when the bell tolls - everyone is allowed to unload......and start to set up on their claimed land!
(Let's remember here......that the show doesn't start until 1pm)
I swanned in at 8am.......and I was shocked!! The park was already a beehive of activity. Well...maybe not activity........more like people just standing on their small patch...waiting for a bell - filled with excitement and anxiety!
For the record - I thought my spot was pretty good!!! fast forward several hours......and my booth looked like this.

Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day!
Now.........when the show opens - it is kinda slow. I guess people have to work on Friday afternoons!!
As you can see was not so busy at first........yes...look closely and see the tumbleweeds!
I was excited about the show, because I had a number of affordable small these:

"Flamboyance", 6 x 6 mixed media
YUP!!!! ONLY 50 bones!!!!

"Half Cocked", 6 x 6 mixed media
ALSO $50.00
I was also selling some little mixed media pieces that were based on my original paintings......
See the tiny 3" x 4" boxes?
They were only $25.00 a piece!!!!
COME ON!!!!!!!!!! the first day was slow.....but nice weather and a lovely time to get to know your neighbours.
it was a lovely afternoon - with music.....

and food.....
And we packed up that night feeling pretty ok. 
Fast forward to the next morning........

(that was my best "ominous sound" effect!!)

Honestly.....there is nothing more disheartening that TERRIBLE WEATHER!
It started at 8:30am (the moment we arrived to unpack)
...and it lasted until 5pm. that time it began to rain IN my tent - but then after 20 of these tent was bound to fail sooner or later!! SIGH.

So all and all it was TERRIBLE..........but then I got some good news......
There was a bell ringing and then a crowd......and suddenly....

I was special awarded!!!!!!
I was really pleased as punch.
It took 9 years.....and 20 outdoor shows......but I FINALLY got an award!!!
There is the lesson kids.......just stick with it and work HARD and eventually you WIN!!!
And shortly after that....THIS happened......

(Insert heavenly choir of angels singing here!)
So....we packed up my soggy belongings and left the rain and sadness behind.
Generally it was NOT a great day.....but making people call me
"Award Winning Rob Croxford" all day - lifted my spirits!!
The next day.......
Lots of people. Lots of sun. last outdoor show of the verdict?
It would have been pretty good if it were not for that pesky rain RUINING the Saturday!!
That same pesky rain that has been KILLING me at all my outdoor shows this year!
Thanks to all who came out!
Thanks to my LOVELY neighbours.....
and thanks to the organizers of the show.
A special shout out to Richard Silver who awarded me!!!!
So...that is the end......dry until next year......
Monday I will be announcing my next show!!

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  1. Thanks for the update and congrats! Message me the details please!