Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WW134: THE WORLD'S END, GUMROCK SPEAKER and TIME WASTERS! here are the 5 things that I like this week - that I think you NEED to see!!!

1.) Ok....I know this NOT a brand new movie.......but I wanted to recommend "The World's End"

This a 2013 British science fiction apocalyptic comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, written by Wright and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg, Nick FrostPaddy ConsidineMartin Freeman, and Eddie Marsan

It is the third in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, following Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007). This film follows a group of friends who discover an alien invasion during an epic pub crawl in their hometown. I thought it was super well done. Funny - know....all around top notch. Here is the trailer. Go see  it tonight!!!
Super fun!
And kinda topical!!!!!!!!!

2.) I seem to be always on the lookout for a great speaker option for my iPhone. Thanks to found this:
"Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand"

The "Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand"
Yes...I picked ornage - but you could choose from a few more 'tame' colours'...
but why??? Not only does it have a very good sound......I was actually impressed with the sound also has a cool suction pad that can be used to prop up my phone!
"Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand"
It connects through Bluetooth - and can even do calls wirelessly!! The suction pad means it could also go anywhere! Hostly this thing sucks. I mean a serious way!!! Let me show you......
Suctioned onto my iMac whilst you type out your blog posts....
 on my window outside.....
...on a metal shelf in my kitchen...

...or in my bathroom!!!
SUPER COOL, huh??!!

3.) This is creepy/AMAZING!!!! Doilies of Imminent Destruction - heard me correctly!!
This intricate and spooky paper work by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy features the site of a nuclear disaster - like Chernobyl or Deepwater Horizon or Fukushima. I bet you are wondering why do such a thing? Well Lauri says it best.....

"…doilies have a function… to beautify the ugly. They are meant to cover the water stain on the side table, the worn spot on the chair arm. Conversely, they are also used for protection in this sense, to prevent our furniture from becoming damaged in the first place. To protect the appearances of our domestic space, despite what might be underneath. Doilies also speak to an old-fashioned nostalgia. They are accouterments of another era, and reminders of gendered labor. Tatting and crocheting lace doilies was a domestic task for generations of women, laborious and painstaking. The desired outcome was a perfection of form that would become an heirloom, evidence of a desire for beautification. But as we have seen in each of the disaster sites depicted, perfection is unrealistic — stitches are dropped, mistakes are made, the human hand is always present, sometimes to disastrous ends.”

SUPER COOL, HUH?? Lauri has a show opening in New York on September 27th, at 632 on Hudson - and you can CLICK HERE to see more!!

4.) know I love to promote useless and time wasting activities at know that....right??? Well here are 2 that I was enjoying today......first....
Point your mouse....and watch the fun - seriously folks......this is utterly useless - but you will waste at least 30 seconds here!!!
And here is something I was mesmerized is just a 3-d line drawing you create with your mouse.....but it is trippy.......

5.) Usually this is a video...but today...this spoke to me! (thanks husband)

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