Thursday, September 26, 2013


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!!!
Er......actually it is more of a Terrific Thursday!
I took an extended birthday break!!
For those of you new here, each wednesday I post the 5 things I LOVE the most in that week!
Here are those 5 things:

1.) JIMMY FALLON. Ok.....this guy is a genius. He is a nice guy.....he is SUUUUUPER talented...and he is super funny! I cannot tell you how many clips I have posted about him.....
Here are two from this week that are SO GREAT!

.....and then there is this one...

Honestly.....I could post a HUNDRED fantastic clips here!
Give him some love - follow him on twitter - AND watch his show!!!

2.) Yes...this seems like me promoting corporate USA...but I like this.....For its fall campaign, denim company Levi’s worked with agency AKQA and creative technologist Stephen Hadinger, as well as with New York’s Fake Love and creative technologists Matthew Epler andMark Kleback to create "The Makers Tools", a set of vintage items that have been redesigned and repurposed to function as web-enabled tools. IT IS A COOL THING.......

The tools include a 1939 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera that posts to Instagram, a 1953 Bolex B-8 Video Camera linked to Instagram, a 1953 Gibson ES-125 Guitar linked to Soundcloud, and a 1901 Underwood No. 5 Typewriter that posts to Twitter.

 It is very 'steampunk-y'....and I like it!

If you need to know can go HERE
(thanks to Junk Culture for this one!)

3.)I have said it before.....but as yesterday was my b-day.......I went to Lil' Baci for dinner!!

This time I DID NOT HAVE the delicious pizza......instead having a rigatoni with roasted radicchio, walnuts and gorgonzola in a LIGHT cream sauce! SO FRESH....and YUMMY! Located right in Leslieville (892 Queen Street East, Toronto)

The pizza is to die for......but the pasta.....which we ALL ordered.....DEELISH too.....

GO THERE!!! Seriously.

4.) I LOVE this too........Artist Donna McCullough uses vintage gas and oil cans to create sculptural dresses! THey are so great!!!!! She embellishes each dress with flourishes of wire mesh, screening, cut-outs and bits of found objects. The series is called "The Drill Team"  - and she seems to be taking the piss out of cheerleader stereotypes! She creates whimsical works that a-dress (get the pun there?) our oil-driven culture and our passion to be members of a winning team!!!

Speaking about her work she says, "I like the duplicitous nature of steel which can be manipulated to appear feminine and soft while actually maintaining its strength and rigidity—an expression in contrasts and complements."
LOVE IT!!!!!! 

Check out more of her AH-MAH-ZING work HERE!

5.) This made me laugh. It is dedicated to husband:

Thanks guys!!!!

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