Friday, September 20, 2013


Today I wanted to share with you 2 bits of news....... limited edition Giclèes have been picked up by Spacing Magazine.
If you don't know them.......READ THIS blog post.......
They are a SUPER magazine that feature really interesting articles about urban living.
I LOVE reading it!!
They featured my art a couple editions ago & now they are gonna feature my prints in their online store.....
But BEFORE they sell them online.....they are selling them at The 'Word on the Street' Festival this weekend! Here are the W.O.T.S. deets:

(I keep calling it TWOTS - but evidently THAT is pretty offensive to most ;-)
So, go out on Sunday to the Spacing a subscription to the magazine......some cool merch.......AND one of my new giclèes!!
I will have more information about our joint merch selling efforts in weeks to come!
You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter PREVIEW.....
I am only giving a preview (so that I don't get in trouble).

I am going to be featured in 2 local magazines.

If you live in the Beach or in Leslieville/Riverdale (essentially anywhere in East Toronto) you may already get a copy of "Neighbourhood Living" Magazine to your door. There are 3 different versions that come out in Toronto -- "East", "West" and "The Beach". Here is the link to their website.

Basically they produce a lovely glossy magazine that "celebrates local people and supports local businesses"! How fantastic is that?
Lucky for me, I am being featured in TWO of the publications!
Two paintings - on two covers! Here is your sneak peek of both:

If that weren't enough..........there is also a 4 page interview with me!
Thanks to Tracey Coveart (whose writing you can follow HERE)
Not only do I love the look of her site....

Tracey and I really hit it off in the interview......and she is just super!!
I don't know why I am always surprised when I find another kindred spirit who really 'gets' what I am about........I think we spoke for an hour or so!
What makes it better is that she didn't make me sound like a big dummy!
Which MUST have been a challenge!  ;-)
I am NOT gonna show you the article YET, because the magazines don't come out until NEXT WEEK! In fact, I don't really have the 'green light' to show you ANYTHING.......but I couldn't hold it in any longer! I am pleased as punch!
Next week I will show you the whole article...and the covers....and probably talk MORE about myself!
(you're welcome! ;-)
Until then, have a great weekend!!!!

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