Tuesday, June 16, 2015


LONG headline there huh?
So, as many of you know, I spent the weekend at my FIRST outdoor art adventure in The Hammer!


JUNE 13-14, 2015, FROM 11:00AM-6:00PM

I did two new paintings for the show - The Thomas B. McQuesten High Level Bridge and Gore Park....... (and prints of them in TWO sizes!)   

(Just in case you weren't there - this is what they look like!)
ANYWAYS........the show went remarkably well!
Let me tell you the story.....in photos.....
It all started with a LINE UP! YES....a line up!
There were INCREDIBLE gifts bags for the first 100 people!
Thanks to Lisa and Jeremy and Jennifer and Kim!! THEY WERE ALL SUPER AWESOME!!!
Nice printed bags!
Presented by Cobalt Connects and GirlCanCreate, you MUST check them out too!

Here are some of the outside booths.
NOTICE THE SPOOOOOKY disenbodied  feet in the middle of the sidewalk!

Here is my booth!

My originals and booth!
Nice under the trees!
Very shady and very helpful for the rainy days!

The location was great.
A BEAUTIFUL old building......
The Players Guild was lovely!
 I was impressed with the amount of great art and such.....

Assimals - LOVE THEM!!!!

I HAD to buy one of these terrific plates!
Margaret (and Alex and Lily) were a DELIGHT!!
Also bought a FANTASTIC print from
The Jelly Brothers
Some really awes vintagey goodness!!!!

One of my favourite people ever.
(Cindy Scaife - don't let this go to your head!)
Check out her facebook or website)

 INSIDE the Players Guild there were more FANTASTIC vendors.....

Here are some of the 6" x 6" pieces that I was selling at the show.....they were NEW NEW NEW!
Original art for $50! THAT is a steal!!!

"Reboot", 6" x 6",
"Goody Two Shoes"

"Sly Fox"


"Chick Magnet"

 INSIDE THE PLAYERS GUILD, they had a exhibition of costumes from shows....it was cool!!

 It was a really neat place!!

At the end of the day Saturday I was feeling like this:

But then on Sunday.........old mother nature (no caps) was not very charitable!!

I felt kinda like this:
 Or this:
 But in the end......when i count my blessings and remember what a great event it was all together and what good contacts I made......I think I feel like this:

 Meanwhile in Hamilton there was this:
.....and there was this place....my husband was trying to drum up business for these guys....but I do not eat metal......even if it is in a corn tortilla!Or maybe you sit a t a bar made of metal.....either way...I was confused!!!!
 yup.......that's a thing.....
Oh....and then there was this guy - who couldn't wait until night:

So all and all a great (albeit slightly wet) weekend in Hamilton.
I hope to have a retailer for my merch there in the next couple weeks!
All the folks who came out were terrific - and all the artists were really great too!
I had a good time! Come check it out next year.....hopefully I will be invited back!
Although I hate this part of shows:
Art stuff makes my house look like a junkyard!
When I got home I treated myself to a drink....my robot jammies and the new season of "Orange is the New Black"! Great ending for a great weekend!!!


  1. Good Times!!!

    I've taken a screen capture of your kind words !! You won't be able to deny anything now!! You like me, You REEEEALY LIKE ME!!!!


  2. The photo of your house scared me!!!!