Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RIVERDALE ART WALK 2015 - a review.....

I like to take stock after each show I do, to figure out what I did well, and what I could improve upon.
I also like to tell you all about the things that happened, the people I met and how the weather was.
You know. Because weather is like, SUPER important, and all.

So...I gotta tell you.....the whole set up was FAB.
Okay, yes...I am an old pro at this point (emphasis on the 'old') but it really was a great set up!
I had gone to the trouble of waterproofing my tent.....which is probably why it DID NOT RAIN.
So here is what my booth looked like:

LOADS of stuff fine art!
I even had a gret location!
Lots of my favourite artists (peers) were there too, which makes for a fun show!
READ to see a bunch of my artist friends......(oh, and me ;-)
Don't worry - it picked up! This was pretty early!
 I had lots of these little 6 x 6" ORIGINAL art pieces, and it was funny to listen to people try to guess what each of them meant. It was not unlike a gameshow, except a gameshow where the host doesn't get paid! ;-)

It was amazing some of the guesses, and how FEW realized they were labelled on the bottom.
Then there was this piece....
A client of mine kept referring to it as the buffalo chicken story.
It made me laugh. I guess he was hungry??
I even put a piece into this little group exhibition:

As I mentioned, the weather was PERFECT for me!!!!!!!! (a little chilly for some though)

There were LOTS of people out......

I want to thank the people that came was most appreciated!!!
I would also like to say that the organizers did a PHENOMENAL job getting this even ready.
It was really so well run......and that is a BIG thing!! So great!! They deserve some time off now! to the kvetching part.........there were 4 comments that kinda bugged me this weekend.
DO NOT GET ME WRONG - there were lots of great comments about the work.....and those are the ones that I really took to heart - but sadly, if you listen to the good reviews you have to listen to the bad ones as well!!!And although, where I come from, POLITE people DO NOT discuss art or performance until you are out of the earshot of the potential artist, and/or the people who ENJOY said artist....SADLY, not everyone has common sense. :-)

So comment #1.........

"Oh look, its another streetcar guy" 

It's true.....I was on the right side beside a fellow lover of streetcars and the beach.
It was a weird coincidence. One that was NOTED ALL WEEKEND LONG..... does iconic photos of was his booth:

I also got:
"Really? Another streetcar booth? Why is everyone doing streetcars now!"
There was even a
"Streetcars.....of course......because we can't think up anything new."

It's okay - it doesn't bother me in the least......But that brings me to comment #2:

"oh, I know this guy, he copies old posters." to which the friend replied, "well that's not too original is it".

Now......I would like to dissect this exchange from the kind ladies.  I had to pipe up and tell them both "actually these are original to ME" which Lady #1...(let's call her Ignorantina) said to me:

"really....because I recognize that poster of Yonge Street!"

Yes. She said it like a stupid *hore. ;-)
I tried to explain in my most calm (non screechy voice) that she must remember it FROM MY BOOTH, as no such poster has ever existed. Alas, she was not convinced, and left shrugging.
I also shrugged. HONESTLY!!!!

People are funny...and yes...funny is a code word. The other 2 comments I got were:

"Um....I like concepts that are a little more relevant." 

-- but it came from a guy with a lumberjack shirt and a weirdy I did not take it to heart. Perhaps if I would have had work that could be appreciated ironically, THAT would have been more to his taste.  Just saying...must be tough to be such an original RELEVANT person! ;-)

Finally - #4:
No no I don't like these at all....oh maybe this one is growing a little bit on me!

I kept wondering if I was actually invisible?! I would pinch myself just to make sure that I was ACTUALLY there.......All and all it was the usual. People came, people bought, people said nice things, people also complained about the price. Just your typical outdoor show!

Now I am all braced and my "armour" is up and ready for the season!!!
I did have a number of very lovely conversations with old friends and clients and that is what makes it all worth it....that....and MAKING A LIVING.......
At 6pm the sky looked like this:

and at was a total washout!
Thankfully I was home drinking by then!!!

So.....I have a few days until I do it all over Hamilton.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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