Thursday, October 1, 2015


Good day friends!
Now.....I know you HATE the idea of Christmas when it is barely October.....but.....
My biggest show of the year is QUICKLY approaching:

The One of a Kind Show!!!!
YOU will want to check out some of the over ONE HUNDRED new pieces I hope to have ready for this big show! I know what you are thinking.....
I know......but this show is ELEVEN glorious I need a LOT of stock!
Especially of my Mixed Message Series works - THESE are my biggest sellers!
So, here are 3 brand new 9" x 6" ORIGINAL pieces - yes, they are variations on the same word - but  as you can see, they are entirely different from each other.....

This big heel version is pretty cool - it also has some cool bits and bobs on it:


.....for the person that likes that old blueprint look:
....and finally for the person who enjoys a good wellie.......


"Why do so many reboot pieces?"
.....the truth is, each time I do sells! IMMEDIATELY!
Honestly most of this series does NOT last long, bit this one is especially popular......and c'mob for $100 you CAN'T get much in the fine art world....
Also, let's face it, I am a big nerd, and my peeps are AWESOME!!!!!
There you go!
Think about these guys for the special nerd in YOUR life this Christmas!

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