Friday, May 23, 2014


Happy Friday!
So…….are you tired of talking about me???
Well then this is NOT your day……….
I wanna talk about the two shows this weekend……I mentioned them in my newsletter…..and if you are not signed up for those…..CLICK HERE

"May the Fords be with You"
May 24th, 7pm-10pm
Atomic Toybot  (978 Queen St E)
What do you get when you combine the Star Wars Universe and the whatever universe that Rob Ford lives in? THIS SHOW! Nerdy, political, fantastic! Here's a preview of my painting showing that night (Toybot will also be carrying prints of my Ford painting for only $35.00 -- there is a limit of 30 of them, so get 'em while you can!)
"Dark Side", 30" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas
Now let's talk about my painting……nope……'s not about crack and it's not about his weight.
I honestly do not see much humour in addiction. It is sad.
Truthfully I really did some soul searching about this painting. 
You see, I try to keep my art positive and smart. I really did not want to get hip deep in the mire of Rob Ford lunacy.  But then again, I do not enjoy his antics, and moreover I do NOT enjoy his politics, his lies his sense of entitlement or his general hateful views on things.

So why depict Rob Ford as General Palpatine?
(and here is where it gets extra nerdy)
Palpatine rises to power through deception and treachery. He outwardly behaves like a well-intentioned public servant and supporter of democracy, all the time he has his own agenda. 
To me, this seemed to be the EXACT right fit.

Now, I am not a fan of hate-art, but I thought it was just as silly as it needed to be. 
As silly as municipal politics have gotten in this city. 
I tried to handle it smartly and through humour….What say you??
I'd love to hear - come out on Saturday night and we can talk about it!

THEN come out AGAIN this on Sunday for:

Kensington Market Art Fair
Sunday, May 25th, from 12pm-7pm,

Come out and enjoy the first outdoor art event as part of "Pedestrian Sundays" in historic Kensington Market! If you are looking for fun this weekend…art filled tents will fill up the parking lot of “Wheels for Rent” at 77 Nassau Street. Here is a list of the Artists you will see this Sunday! I will be showing GREAT merch at this show including some fun postcards! Come out for the sun and stay for the art!

I will be showing my merch: 
NEW "I heART Toronto" bags, 10 postcards based on my paintings.
There are LOTS of things priced at $25.00 and less!
Including a total of 31 prints based on my works……like these:
8 x 10's and 16 x 20's of Toronto Landmarks….

A bunch of my "Nerdy A-Z's" available as 8" x 10" prints
(SHOW PRICED at $30.00)
Also, I will be showing a couple bigger giclees printed on canvas and stretched on a frame:
"Outta This World" is 40" x 30".
It is a reproduction, BUT I spent many hours repainting on top of the print.
So it is original in its own way!
It is signed and numbered 1/10….and each print is obviously different.
If this were an original painting it would retail at over $2000.
BUT Because it is a reproduction, it is only $550.
Come out and see the merch at this show……because you WON'T see it at The Toronto Outdoor Exhibition in July!!

Ok….that's all folks!
I hope to see you real soon!

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