Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Howdy folks!
Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!
(For those of you who are new here…..let me break this down for ya'…….every Wednesday I talk about 5 things that I have enjoyed in the last week…..and I share said 'wonderful things' with you!!)
So let's giv'ver!!

1.) I spend the whole weekend hocking art in The Distillery District, and to get through it, I HAD to
     caffeinate…..and Caffe Furbo was THE place for me!

I had a delightful latte each day! More than that….I had 3 DELICIOUS sammies!!!! (that is sandwiches for those of you who don't speak shorthand Rob)

Also…..I have to admit, the usual poser-coffee-hipster vibe wasn't there…..and in fact, the folks behind the counter was AWESOME!!!

So….go down for an espresso and a treat today!!!

2.) Then there is this trailer…..….




I can hardly wait for "Guardians of the Galaxy" to come out!!! (I know…'s pretty nerdy! ;-)
OH….and or all of you who can't see that clip…..

3.) THESE are fantastic. I love what lauren wade (Senior Photo Editor for is saying about the stupidity of our unrealistic portrayal of female bodies. She uses photoshop retouching to show us the unattainable beauty standard society promotes! Here are a couple…..

‘of course it hasn’t always been that way.‘ she explains‘throughout art history, painters from titian to rubens to gauguin found beauty in the bodies of women who would never fit into a size 0.‘ 

Brilliant work Lauren!
Check out MORE here!!

4.) Am I the only one who is enjoying the "new" Michael Jackson album? I cannot help it. I know…I feel a little guilty…….but I am especially enjoying "Love Never Felt so Good" (it is a duet with Justin Timberlake) it's a toe tapping song….
(go here for the song)

5.) This is great…… trailers……of disney classics……
(or see it HERE)
or this one…..

There you go, 5 things I enjoy this week!!
Remember - if you have something you think I would LOVE……email me…..and you may see it posted HERE!!!
Have a great day!!!

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