Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hey guys! Here are the 5 things that I LOVE this week!
Welcome to "Wonderful Wednesday"!
(A special welcome to all my new friends reading this for the first time!)

1.) Hey art lovers…..fellow Toronto-based artist Tonya Corkey creates super cool portraits with ordinary lint collected from clothes dryers. Um……AWESOME!!!!!!!

 “My work hybridizes the discarded material of lint with the second hand image – the iconic school photograph – to conceptualize my interests. Materiality conceptually layers the work. As a byproduct of society, lint consists of fibers, hair, dead skin and other debris, and thus directly referencing people and their daily activity. Lint and cast off photographs are both discarded materials – materials that reflect the idea of a decaying memory." 

Find out more about Tonya Corkey's work here. Because it is ah-maze-ing!

2.) Ok gays and ladies THIS one is enjoyable. Is it fluffy and silly? YES. "RuPaul What's the Tee? with Michelle Visage"
This is a new podcast, and I really enjoy it. It is quite funny, and these two fierce ladies chat about a bevy of topics - from juicing and health to nail art and music…..from meditation to facelifts! 
It is helping to bring out my inner sis-tah.
I mean that in the most wonderful and respectful way!
Check it out. SUPER FUN!!!!!

3.) THESE…...I NEEEEEED these. As many of y'all know, I have an obsession with a coloured show. Well check this out………Adidas already has options for customizing your shoes….CHECK THIS OUT….but wait…….come August, the Adidas ZX Flux is about to become INCREDIBLY customized!!! BY YOU!!!!!  The new mobile phone app will allow users, to easily apply any photographic image, texture or artwork to the shoe!

You KNOW I am gonna create my own Adidas ZX Flux Photo Print shoe based on my work! And then they will deliver them right to my door!!
I can hardly wait!

4.) These are neat. Porcelain masters Rosenthal presents ‘TAC big cities’ tableware designed by BIG architects and KILO. This stunning dish ware depicts the silhouette of various world city skylines such as London, New York, Paris, Toronto!

So simple and classy!
The skylines are outlined in heritage blue on a surface of white porcelain.
Very very nice!!!

5.) This may seem long…..but stick with it…3 minutes in it is EXTRA funny!
It amused me…..especially after having seen the new X-men film this week…….

(here is a link!)
Hey…...and also check out The Pete Holmes Show! VERY FUNNY!

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