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Good day y'all!
I am still recovering from "the boo-bons" (that is short for the Bubonic Plague)....but I dont want you to think I have forgotten my loyal readers!!!
So, this post is about a trip I took recently to Honest Ed's.
Those of you from this area know Ed's well.....but for those you you who are not from 'round here...let me tell you a story.........
This is what it USED to look like....
thanks to
Honest Ed's started as a department store in 1948, by Ed Mirvish. It is prominently located on the corner of Bloor and Bathurst Streets, running the whole length of the block. The store consists of two buildings connected by a walkway. The interior is much more modest, with simple displays of low-priced merchandise, ranging from vacuum cleaners and winter coats to kitchenware, toys and grocery items. Much of the store's decor consists of posters and photos from old films and stage productions from Mirvish's theatres in Toronto and London, England, as well as of actors and musicians who performed in them (many of these inscribed to Ed Mirvish himself). Every piece of store signage is hand-painted. The outside facade is covered with puns and slogans such as "Come in and get lost!" and "Only the floors are crooked!"
Theses days, it has seen better days....but continues to amuse and amaze me!!
I love the sign. It is a Toronto Landmark!!!!

It's just like Vegas!!! here is my guided tour through Ed's!
Enjoy my finds:
Purrrr-fect for your single lady friends.
Everything from weights?? 
Who wants big ass smores?
4" Marshmallows........or what I call diabete-mallows. 
Scary dolls.
This glass topped desk intrigued me.  I love this bunny meth lab motif!

"Singing heartful bird."
Terrible name. It may or may not be from the far east.
Love this colour!!
I have  a thing or the patterned background of this Dexter-plastic.
This casual shopper is waiting patiently for an associate to get a clock from stock!
Everything from fertilizer, to cellphones to electrical tape.....
WAIT ONE is sounding a little terrorism-y......
Have you seen any of these Oscar nominated films?
Super Sheep?
Soup of the Day??
Beneath the Crust (volume 2)????
Am I crazy....but do these all sound like snuff films?
I havent had Youth hair in YEARS!
The thing I love MOST about Ed's is all the headshots and photos. Ed Mirvish was a real ambassador for Canadian theatre, and a lot of legends have posters and photos here....

Betty Ford.

Does anyone still wear a hat?
I wish! I could rock this one!!!
Yes. I did mimic this pose in the middle of the store...
...whilst sing yelling 'baaaaaaaargaaaaaains'..... 
I believe proper oral care was important to Douglas Fairbanks Jr!

Coochie Coochie!!

I always LOVED this poster for Crazy for You!!!!
NOT SO CRAZY for this terrible airbrushing!!!!

This clock is huge and amazing!!!
That's right lady-readers.........birth control BY LIGHT BULB!!
There is a joke here about keeping the lights on when naked......
.....if you can craft the joke yourself, i'd appreciate it!
The place is a serious labyrinth!!!!!
Back in men's furnishings.......the bow tie bin!!!

NO MAN wants the word "mini" emblazoned across your undies.
Am I right gents????
.....on the other hand......"VICTORY" seems a bit over confident!
$1.99 for a sweater????????
Love the hand painted signs. I REALLY DO!!!!!'s a good deal..........but.......I feel like I can do better.....

Just imagine how they feel on your feet?
I love how crowded and crazy the place is! I really do!!!

CREEPY! This area used to be the record area.....and now is barren and empty.

Also creepy. But great!
I was gonna buy this donut. But it was the last one on the shelf.
(seriously - why are people such pigs???)

So there you go!
Lots of great stuff at Ed's.
If you want to know more about Ed's go to the website:
Or just go in person and see what the fuss is about!!!

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