Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hey y'all! Happy Wonderful Wednesday.
I have 5 great things for you this week! Enjoy:

1. ICING GRAFFITI. Yes, you heard me!!!! Fellow Canuck (Montreal based) artist Shelley Miller tags buldings cake-style! I think it is FANTASTIC!!!! This is exceptionally cool because the amazing work begins to 'weather' and change looks almost immediately.....see some of her works below:

ALSO check out her great blog post documenting one of her more elaborate pieces as it fades away due to the elements.
 (via and designboon!)

2. And speaking of sweet treats..........The White Brick Kitchen. you know how I am crazy for brunch....well my 'brunching homies' and I enjoyed this place on Sunday!!!

First....some advice......if there is a big wait.......go in, give your name and phone number....and then go for a walk......they will call you when a table is about to come due! This will save you a LOT of frustration!!!!!!!!! after an hour wait.......I was ready to hate the place......AND YET.......
Now let me tell you about what I enjoyed.....I have a sweet breakfast "thing".....but you could have savoury too!! (There were a LOT of great looking savoury things!!)
I shared this:

Cinnamon Bun Waffle:
white chocolate cream cheese icing, brown sugar crumble, with hickory bacon
AND I SHARED 1/2 of this too:

Banana Bread French Toast:
chocolate chips, caramelized banana and caramel
Both were EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!
There was this cool (and huge) retro ad there too (right up my alley):

You should go check out the brunch......I want to go back for dinner NOW!!!!

3.) This Mika song......I cannot get it out of my head. Yes, it is pretty bubble gummy......and YES it does sample from a broadway HIT..........but it's a toe tapper - and I like it!!!!

4.) Normally not a dog lover.......but I could see myself getting one of these!!!! NURIT LEVAV creates life-size dog sculptures made entirely from bicycle parts!!!! This is how SHE explains it:

"The chains have proven to be a wonderful compound to work with, encompassing both her love for metals as well her enthusiasm in getting to know the hidden flexibility and tenderness of the chains combined with the versitile range of movement they possess."

Check out all the AH-MAH-ZING other sculptures on her site HERE!
(via Junk Culture via Lustik)

5.) This is last month...........but it is too funny NOT to share!
(thanks Cindy and Dale for this one)

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